Friday, 12 August 2011

At the moment/ my room.

Barbecuing and paddling-pooling.
Alex, Eve and I spent a whole day in the paddling pool last week, Mama Stimpson sunbathed and we swam, I have, apparently, always been a water baby.

I love our garden, I love all the tree's and foliage, it makes such a wonderful backdrop.
Don't worry though, In typical British fashion, it has been raining since.
notice how green the garden still is?
We're lobbying for a new trampoline after our last one hit the decks, they're the best.
Particularly for sunbathing on- they catch the heat.
Now, onto other things.
My faithful readers (all 3 of you!) will remember that last year my room got decorated stop/start for ages.
Well, I never got around to showing it, since it goes from tidy to messy very quickly.
I bit the bullet this morning- it's even harder when you share though, because I will tell Eve we're tidying up now ( no sense in half a tidy room) she will rearrange her crap mess and leave, wherein I have to grit my teeth, swear under my breath and re-do her side.
Its hard being the ruler of this room.

I haven't shown the wardrobes/door are because I forgot.
so there.
It's not exactly finished, I nicked a chair from the dining room- the one we don't use, and our lamp is ugly, but you know, it's an improvement, mama Stimpson wanted to paint it cream, like she wants to paint everything cream.
I said no, no, no.
Eve suggested orange.
Dad let me pick the paint colour whilst she was away.
Anyway- Olivia is getting her room painted/ power cleaned- whilst she is in Spain, since dad has no opinion on our colour options they selected the brightest purple you ever saw.
Mama Stimpson is thrilled.

P.S- seems people were awfully interested in the riots, my post on my area (which thankfully was very largely fine- other than a few lootings)- got 100 times more hits than a post averagely garners, I thought blogger was broken my stats were going up so quick.
that was within the first 12 hours.
So, thanks I guess.
Have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

And in a few short weeks, all that lovely green will be turning into
brilliant shades of Autumn.

jodi said...

Your room is charming. Love the windows!

Auntie Nonie said...

Great room - nice to see it tidy (LOL), but you need curtains for goodness sake!!!!!!!

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