Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday Slowday.

I really like how Dad drew an arrow from a bow-and-arrow, that's so his style,
I woke up late to an overwhelming smell of paint varnish, and walked downstairs to see a fort to protect the hall's shiny smelly floor, Its amazing the stuff people get done whilst I'm sleeping.
But before that, what really woke me, was mum and dad having a genuine discussion, I was really proud.
The Garage was open all day, in lieu of a door, and dad was often found watering plants, or in a deck chair admiring his favourite motorbike.

Our kitchen is pretty much finished, bar a substantial snagging list, it only took 13 weeks right,
I won't bore you with the details, but lets say it involved police, ninja moves, eavesdropping and ended with Mama Stimpson saying "you will never step foot inside this house again" to some peepsicles we call the kitchen guys.
But- it's looking purdy, we "moved back in" today and didn't know where to put a thing, I christened it by making a cake- with some interesting help from the siblings.

Oh- and look what we found

Back when us Stimpo's got in the paper, I'm pretty sure that's the last family photo, but would you look at my hair- my glasses!? oh mercy, I was neglected- or maybe it was a particularly strong harry potter phase- I'm planning big old geeky throwback ones next.
Anyways, I'm getting distracted again, silly me.

Ta-dah!- lemon poppy seed cake, tres yummy, and I'm not famous for my baking, yet.

On a final slowday Sunday note, how cute is pandy! she's still going strong, and her hair is awesome.
How was everyone Sunday then- My 12ish, was spent tweaking this blog, so it's purdy for summer.


Tana said...

Tell your mum the kitchen is gorgeo8us, even if certain peepcicles had to be banished forever.

And you're all adorable in the family picture--especially you. You can't judge those glasses by your eyewear standards of today. You should see my 80s glasses! Horrible! But I see that they are starting to come back in style. Ugh! Horrors!

Pol said...

Hi Madsta - returning the favour after you commented on my blog.

It may not seem long since you were 13- to me it seems no time at all since I was 18!

Miss M had a lovely birthday - celebrations continue this weekend when she and her friends go to see HP7 part 2!

Auntie Nonie said...

Kitchen looks fab! Well done ALL for getting through the ordeal!!!

Sammi said...

Beautiful :) your cake looks delicious.

I'm so pleased your kitchen is fixed finally. And so pleased that it went well(!!!) blimey!

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