Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pandie got a haircut!

Isn't she pretty?! even if she now looks like one of those dogs from the RSPCA adverts when she turns to the side, she's a bit of a twiglet- but last night she saved us all!
she was running round the house like a crazy, we were all ignoring her because it's not uncommon for her to get huge busts of energy, I went to check on the dinner cooking anyway- we had a substantial microwave fire and I was a bit scared, dad to the rescue, our house smells of this though,

Mama Stimpson was not amused,


Kels said...

Is that a potato??? If it is, now I will forever be scared to bake potatoes in the microwave! :(

Sammi said...

Aww :D

but congratulations on christening your kitchen :)

Heather Lee said...

it was so good hearing from you! I will, per your request, take you on a little tour of the new place. Once I get it looking half way decent. Hate fire when I'm cooking, never a good sign.

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