Thursday, 9 June 2011

The sisterhood of travelling savages.

The only thing the title has to do with this post is that I have sisters, and an Alex.
I have these sisters- one is a giraffe shaped like a twig- the other is Eve, I really like them- specially when the twig spontaneously gives me money to go shopping- it's something that has never, ever, ever, happened before y'know?
I had to nick Eve from school yesterday to take her shopping for a confirmation outfit- it's on Saturday, I'm her sponsor, and I have Nada to wear- Dad thinks I do, but I had to explain a suitable hemline for church did not exist in my wardrobe- I'll be legging it to the shops first thing tomorrow- wish me luck, if I don't find anything, Oli can be her sponsor.
Eve's outfit is gorgeous- she looks like a totally different bean- I let her have the dress I wanted because she looked so purdy.
{you don't get to see until Saturday- so there}
When we got back I took the length of the dress's straps up two inches- so as not to surprise the congregation- and she danced around for an hour- we joined in a quick game of savages with Alex- who was in the full attire for such a game- And to freak out the kitchen fitters- we like to spice things up around here- the biggest surprise was probably just the seven-teen year old with the mental capacity of an...Alex.
Also- we- Eve and I, totally got stuck down the side of the sofa on top of each other in Evie's fancy smansy getup- our Mutti had to prize us out.
I can't remember what else to tell you,
Oh yeah, I've been plotting a new midnight attack for Eve's side of the room- some of  my favourite attacks are the classic- hide under her duvet while she turns of the light- or wake her up at 1am and tell her she's really late for school/let her get dressed and back into bed.
I can't decide which- both appeal- maybe you guys can vote- anyways, I think I might go have a game of cowboys and Indians with Alex- I think I'll make us the feather headdresses.


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