Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The sisterhood of travelling fatpants.

Sort of.
Except we call em' Fat trousers, because we're British- We being Blondie and I.
I shan't remove my disclaimer of still not owning a single pair of trousers, because these were bought in the pyjama section, and are, effectively, yoga pants, which makes me laugh, because as if.
I don't technically know if seventeen year old's should have fat trousers, but I got em to match my fat thighs and Blondie got the exact same pair- not only because we are essentially, joined at the hip, but because she just wanted to be like me I guess,
These (really ugly) trousers have been called the fat trousers and have become, sadly, what I wear every time I get home from sixth form, Blondie and I have been sending fat trouser updates each time we split from a meet up or school, today's text from Blondie;
Fat trousers here i come <3

I was already wearing mine, but sadly got this text,
OMG MY FAT TROUSERS AV A HOLE IN THEM !!! I think im gonna be sick :( xxxx

How devastating, I'm clinging on to my fat trousers for dear life, they cost us £3.90, and we've already made plans to get them in black and navy, and have weighed up whether we can pass them up as sixth form trousers,
it's a serious commitment, fat trousers,
And now, you know (nearly) all my secrets- And I want to hear the story of your fat trousers, let's none of us pretend you don't have them, even the skinnies- Aka Blondie,
Have a lovely day!


Tamsin said...

Time for a confesh sesh: I bought a pair of yoga pants to wear around the house when I was pregnant, because oof! Then they turned out to be so comfy and stretchy that I *still* wear them every night. They are referred to as my comfy pants.

Tana said...

All of mine are fat trousers. And I have an alarming number of black ones. Slimming, and all that :)

Kels said...

I just wear pajama pants. I'm a primary school teacher, and literally everyday I can't wait until I get home from work and can get into my pjs!

Which I guess is why someone is now making a fortune by coming up with this idea:

Wife Of A Salesman said...

I just call the yoga pants and try to forget about the fat part.

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