Monday, 13 June 2011

Eve's confirmation { Read- the only time you'll ever see her in a dress }

be warned- someone is making a face in every family photo we tried to take- this is my first picture with Oli since we were both yay high.

So- Saturday was Evie's confirmation- I'm pretty sure that is just a catholic thing, but blow me down if I'm wrong- now all us girl's have made ours- Alex has about four years left.
I was Eve's sponsor, meaning I went up with her, put my right hand on her right shoulder and shook hands with the bishop- I think I was more nervous than Eve because I don't know my left and right {I know I know}
Getting Eve and I an outfit was a bit too last minute- I had to steal her from school Wednesday, where she decided to look sooo good in the dress I wanted- I didn't get a dress until about 3 o'clock Friday- how's that for cutting it fine?

I had to be up at seven to do mine and Eve's hair- our Mutti says it was tres amusant- because Eve moans and I don't give two hoots.
And I know I'm probably biased, but of all the "colourful" outfits I saw on the girls in the church (the boys played it safe) I think Eve's was the prettiest and most appropriate- I was under the impression that shoulders ought to be covered.

{Eve In the pew}- Oli and Alex had to be sent to a spare pew across the way, because there wasn't enough room- they just messed around the whole time, I knew they got off lightly- my Grandma made the two hours on the wooden pew's absolutely hysterical- she is so funny I can't tell you.
Did you know she's just had a major operation? I said grandma- walk in front of me when we go for communion, and if you stop, I'll give you a gentle kick.

Look at her- doesn't she just look mischievous- can you see the evil glint in her eye?- and in Eve's come to think of it.
This picture kills me- it sums Eve up to a T.
We still don't have a kitchen, so we headed out to eat- Tamsin, we ate at the restaurant that overlooks the duck pond. { called the duck house }
This is my favourite picture- check every one's expressions.
{ Mutti hates all pictures of herself- so I post em all }
I don't know where the football is in this picture- but that's what they were playing- Grandpa loves football.
{can you see the ball's shadow?- Oli is an excellent kick }

Everyone is looking a different way because Panda was prancing and dancing all around the garden.
This is what I mean about my Grandma Maggie- she's a wicked glint in her eye- she hates pictures, but I said if she carries on, we'll need some to remember her by- in case my Mutti kills her for being totally inappropriate in church- and my grandmother goes to church every day mind.
{oh Evie }
It was actually really fun- especially because my Grandparents drove down from Bournemouth for the occasion- Both Oli and I had parties that night, the less said the better.
How was your weekend?

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