Sunday, 26 June 2011

And cinderella went to the ball- or the prom.

How Gorgeous was my outfit?!
I jest- this past Friday was the sixth form prom, which myself and Blondie weren't going too, until we were late night shopping Thursday and tried on some dresses and found some shoes and then bought them.
And then bought our tickets the morning of.
It was by the seat of our pants if you will.
Now before I talk about the fun part like getting ready- how beautiful does my friend Hannah look? Hannah has lost a whole huge heap of weight since prom last year, and I'm so so proud of her, she looks absolutely beautiful, and she doesn't even know it.
Sixth form prom isn't like year 11 prom, at sixth form prom you can smoke outside, and get the year above to buy your drinks from the bar, and then you can go to town after or a pub, or in our case do that and end up at Oona's shed, which is why you wear party dresses and hemlines are high, and heels even higher.
This is Blondie, aka legs, as I like to call her, I'm actually taller than her, but you wouldn't know.
Hannah was going for the meal before prom with a big group of our friends, so she just came round so I could do her hair and make-up, and Trish's hair, and mine, but that's not the point, they were very apologetic, but I like it.

{a shot of...}
I want you to envy me here, that I am brave enough to stand next to legs in any kind of photo, I think it shows confidence. real confidence.
{Focusing a camera is not one of mama Simpson's many skills}
I had gone in and sweet talked my optician into giving me a pair of contacts for the night, I brought legs with me, maybe she helped, we'll never know.
I didn't take any pictures actually inside prom, which was held at a hotel, because if I was inside I was dancing, but here is Blondie on the steps,
We got a cab to town with a big group of girls to meet some boys from our prom, but it was pouring and our feet were killing us, so we got a cab to Oona's shed after not too long at all really,

Oona's dog Connor joined us in the shed- that's a dog, not a wolf as is easily mistakable, Tara was not amused, Blondie said Connor was a hella lot bigger than an old Shetland pony her family used to keep on their farm,
Around 3am, me and Blondie realised we couldn't stay because we were both wearing contacts and neither of us had brought our glasses, so it was back to my place we went, but I was not putting my shoesies back on come hell or high water (high water in this case) so Oona lent me these dashing shoes to wear home, I particularly liked them on my gravel drive.

We know how to party.
How was your Friday night?


Nonie said...

You look gorgeous with your contacts in - all the time now methinks! xxx

Sammi said...


And please tell me how to walk in those heels. I have a pair of skyscraper heels that I love to look at but daren't wear!

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