Monday, 23 May 2011


When I was little, in our old house- a few minutes down the road, I remember sitting in the lounge in front of our dark wood TV cabinet- and Oli and I were allowed to stay up late to watch a film, she had her long skinny legs crossed, and I was lying across them, she used to let me do that if I was scared of what we were watching, she says she doesn't remember now- I would ask her a million questions about the film that neither of us had seen before, and because she is 22 months older than me, she would always answer and it would make sense.
Mum got home after 11pm on Saturday, and she and I were planning to watch The King's speech, Oli missed it because she was busy buying supplies to try and gain back the four pounds she lost by accident this week- I don't even want to talk about it.
I ate two apples during the film, and talked every other minute, and, because mama Stimpson is quite the history buff she could answer,
"so he's not king?- is he king yet?"
"aw- Helena bonham carter's so cute"
"Is that the girl from outnumbered?"
And so on until I suspect my mama won't want to watch too many more films with me- it's what I do, be warned, I do it at the cinema too, luckily, I've a friend who does the same, so whilst we're not very popular, we don't annoy each other- we can't watch intelligent films together though, like inception, we did not get that because we talked the whole way through.
No one got inception though? right?

I'm on Steve at the moment- my own take on study leave, my first written exam is on Thursday, it's three hours, philosophy and ethics, and the textbooks I was supposed to have ordered for the subject in September arrived two days ago, and I'm definitely going to open them this afternoon I think- a friend just called me whilst I was writing this- to ask what time afternoon exams start- "1 o'clock- Fred, the exam starts in ten minutes" he ought to be in the school hall by now, I can't help but laugh and hope he gets there, at least he drives, if it was me, I'd be buggered- as it's 12:50.
The kitchen fitters have been downstairs drilling and banging and grouting since 8:30, it does not make for a restful morning.
The kitchen remodel has been going on for six weeks now- it was supposed to take two, and we've officially run out of food, as in we don't have any and I'm all alone without tuppence.
I love being on Steve though, it makes me wonder if sixth form is really for me, after all, all I really want to do is go travelling- It's a bit like charades- I look like I ought to be academic, I do, the geeky type, but I'm not, I never have been one for essays and quotes.
I guess we'll see- last night I prayed that I'd be one of those people who gets "lucky breaks" I don't know why I would start now, but why not?

Oli thought I was such a pervert when I took these- but I'm on the other side of the house and it sounded like an earthquake.
Have a lovely day!

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Sammi said...

Hiiiii good luck with your exams.

please make time to stop revising and go and watch the new pirates of the Caribbean movie!! it was really really good.

i say stop revising, doesnt sound like you've started with the philosophy and ethics :)

I can understand the need to get out of the education cycle.... I was like that too, mine ended with me moving to the Canary Islands half way through sixth form!!!

GOOD LUCK!!! I'm sure you'll do great.

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