Sunday, 1 May 2011

Don't worry, we still have Harry.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful wedding?
I haven't- Kate was just beautiful, I have, honestly, never felt so proud to be British, I have never thought I am a huge Patriot, but, turns out, I am.
My Mutti and I cried a little bit, we camped out all day to watch.
That is not butter, I am not disgusting- it's lemon curd.
The food- we ate all our meals in front of the TV, so we didn't miss a second.

Alex and I headed out for fizzy water- we spotted this.
This is why I love England.
My Dad was away for the weekend, and Oli was out, so My Mutti and I- with a tiny bit of help from Eve, Toasted the happy couple,
We're not quite sure how we managed to get completely smashed, but we did- it made no sense not to finish the bottle.
Making my sibling fly- very ladylike I know, I used to do this with Alex when he was like...3 to 7, they're both a bit bigger now- I'm not though, tiny and petite as always.
Our poodle was so excited to have lived for the wedding.
So, so excited.
{I blame the flash}
Time for bed we suspected.
Congratulations Will's and Kate.
Now- I don't know about you, but my money is on the next wedding being Harry and Pippa, unless I get there first.
How did you celebrate?

Even though we all like pretty pictures {or at least I hope so for your sake}- I wrote much more in depth about Kate and Will's day on my other blog,
read; Here


Tana said...

I heard that Harry and Pippa left together. Wouldn't that be a hoot if they fell in love and got married? Poor Chelsea . . .

Sammi said...

... and poor whatever Pippa's boyfriend is called, also! In response to the above comment!

I wasn't into the wedding at all, as you know! However I did get sucked in and watched the "I do's" I saw the kiss later on the news.

I love your union flag cups and plates- how awesome :D

Did you play the facebook drinking game? I totally wanted to do that, but no one wanted to join in with me *sigh*

madsta said...

I really wanted to play that game! but as a rule my mum is not hugely into drinking- Maybe there will be another opportunity or something, all my friends were talking about it!

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