Saturday, 14 May 2011


This week has been insane. it's true.
I sat my first AS exam...Monday and Tuesday, 8 hours of drawing, plus two hours of prep time for my art exam, it went fine, i had everything together for it, but exam conditions, even those as relaxed as you have for art, where you put in your ipod, and round up your sweets, make me feel sick, i had to leave after about 25 minutes for a few.
It went pretty well, but lemme tell you, there was an awful lot of cramming to get everything ready, I'm a procrastinator if nothing else.

On Thursday Oli turned 19- that's mad to me, nineteen sounds way to old.
When I was little I was convinced for a long time that I was older than Oli, because my birthday is in March, and hers is May 12th, I couldn't understand how I was younger, now, I always love the month through April, when it sounds like there is only a year between us, 17 and 18 this time.

For her 18th birthday last year, instead of the English tradition of clubbing, pub and getting plastered, Oli was high as a kite on morphine, itching like crazy because of it, and not quite herself.
It sucked.
Oli has never been one to make a fuss out of her birthday, or want one made, so we granted that whatever we did this year, would be a spectacular improvement on last year's celebrations- she had a good day, and a chocolate hedghog cake- which Alex said I couldn't eat because I'm vegetarian.

Yesterday, was my last day of year 12 at sixth form, the year 13's got glammed up for their leaver's mass, and we get ready for exams- our study leave has begun, I'll be celebrating tonight by going out, and having a soft drink or two.
It's insane to think that this time last year it was our leavers mass and we were finishing school.
Let's just hope I'm allowed back for next year!
Have a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

Keeping positive thoughts for you.

Sammi said...

Gosh Madeleine! I didn't realise you were doing your exams already- good luck for the rest! I am sure you will fantastically well!!!

Your dress in the bottom picture is beautiful- where is it from, I may feel the need to copy..

Happy belated 19th birthday to Oli xx

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