Thursday, 21 April 2011

Is anybody home?

Guess it's been quiet round here, bar the odd cricket, and the Anonymous who politely nudged me to get me groove on and blog.
Soooo- how is everyone? How are the Easter plans coming? (consider this a chat)
Mayhem has taken over the Stimpson household (even more than usual) we've the builders in, our kitchen and utility has been ripped out and all kinds of jazz to make way for my Mutti's dream kitchen.
She thinks she'll turn into a regular nigella- {we love a bit of nigella round here} when it's finished- shocking timing, on Easter week, we'll likely be having a take-away Easter camp out.
Eve and Alex have been lodging with my grandparents in Bournemouth for the week with the poodle, it's unseasonably quiet round here- bar the builders  who turn up with their drills every morning at 7- which, let me tell you, was an unwelcome addition this morning for me and Katie {lodging in Eve's bed} we were up trying on prom dresses and my shoes until gone 2am.

Due to irresponsible parenting and sibling watching, I'm now on my own with the builders and plasterers and kitchen fitters inhabiting my ground floor- I've decided to blog and play really loud music to counteract this.
So, whilst I've been away, here is what I've been up to, for your viewing pleasure.

Trying, and failing, to not fail my AS art.

Alex decided to turn 10 and go all gorgeous on me, none of my friends get it, I s'pose it's pretty weird to like your little brother, let alone adore him, but I love This guy.

we had a family meal! no fights, and even Oli came! it was a one off sort of thing.
He's a chubster- we had previously discussed that it was okay for him to just go ahead and stay 9, but he was swayed by the chocolate cake, he's damned if he think's I'm going to let him turn 11- no way.
And the best news of all....schools out!..til Tuesday, and then we have four day weekend, who's excited for the royal wedding!? I've got my London pride on, pass the beer.
Seriously, I'm really excited, I don't care if that's considered weird for a seventeen year old.

Oh, and I took a picture from an ant's perspective, mad isn't it?!
I do intend to do this, y'know, weekly, daily, whatever floats my boat.
Happy easter!

1 comment:

Sammi said...

Welcome back!

I am well, thank you, I too have been hiding from blogging. Found it too dull in the winter, and now it's summer (well, ish) I want to sit outside all the time. Hopefully I'll pull my finger out and get on with it soon, as I have some lovely pictures I want to post... at some point.

Hope the crazy drilling has stopped at least for the bank holiday- no such luck for me, I'm in the midst of a 9 day stint at work! Shattering! The joys of working in service. Anyway Maddy, hope you are enjoying your bank holiday weekend(s)! Nice to see you back here :)

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