Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter weekend.

I just realised, the blog turned 2 on April 12th, and I forgot all about it! read em and weep.
Easter was a bit of an anticlimax this year- last year it was Alex's birthday so that was that, and this year, it was just a fail.
We had sandwiches and ice lollies- we all got an egg, and whilst Alex had eaten his whole thing by 7am, mine went straight in the freezer until the afternoon, if there is one thing I will not abide, it is warm chocolate.
Do you like our new kitchen? pretty huh? and so much more pared down.
I beg you, go, now! cling to your kitchen cupboards and give thanks that you have running water!
Do it.
How wonderful does it feel?

This was my Mutti's offering of hot cross buns for breakfast, she had been cooking them for two weeks.

Our Easter lunch- Mutti slaved away for hours.
Old family foe-toes. Check me out all hula- on a different note, don't you just want to eat Alex? it's okay if you do, he was just the prettiest baby. ever. no offense to your own babies.

We did have a quick, three minute Easter egg hunt,

{that is not my foot}
Eve did not find any eggs. I was embarrassed for her too.
Alex found three- and me?
I was taken care of.
Don't worry though- he always looks slightly drunk, he hardly ever is, my parents are super strict on that.
Eve and Alex rarely enjoy each other's company, don't worry, they both just love me.
Oli hasn't moved out by the way, she does still live with us, just that on Easter itself, and Bank holiday, she chose to go clubbing and not return home.
What can I say? we'll keep her though, she's handy when there's a spider high up, being a femail giant and all.
Oh- and thank you for being such fan's of my photographs, taken super professionally in the garden, under the apple tree, in the shrubbery, with a camera with almost no battery, whilst eve sat on a plastic bag and I masking taped fairies to leaves.
It was a James bond job.
So I guess I'll keep posting them forever.
How was you Easter lovelies?


Sammi said...

Good morning :)

I got 4 Easter Eggs, one of them cost £7,15p and I shall be utterly disappointed if it isn't solid for that price! The rest were Creme Egg Easter Eggs, because that's kinda the point.

I like your kitchen ;) your Mums cooking attempts look like mine turn out all the time.


Carmen A said...

Did you get to go line the streets of London and watch the wedding?

SallyFayeHill said...

ITS SALLY. I HAVE JUST JOINED. DONT HAVE A CLUE WHAT IM DOING! want it to be pretty like yours. getting a bit frustrated lol help me out when im next over!!! Also just a slight critical comment....you mention your sisters in your Blog... i dont see any mention of me- OK given im not blood related but we can pretend right?????? xxxx

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