Monday, 25 April 2011

Bank holiday monday {The cottingley Faries}

I don't know what everyone chose to do with their bank holiday monday- This is what Eve and I did, she was, for all our efforts, a very good model, I wove flowers into her hair, made her wear concealer and sat her in a bush {FYI to play photographer I had to sit in the bush too} The aim was to have a somewhat recreation of the famous Cottingley Faries photographs for my art- so I don't care that the fairy cutout's I made don't look real, here's my favourite shot edited a few times over {and over-edited mind, to age it}

{and a few other I love regardless}

Hope you enjoyed! now I just have to track Olivia down, and take a few shots of her posing as a fairy {not in a bush} before I send these off for printing.
Wish me luck,


Tamsin said...

Very nice! I thought of the Cottingley fairies before I even noticed that you had them in your photo :)

Leah said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Sammi said...

beautiful pictures maddy x

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