Saturday, 19 March 2011

Red nose day = The sixth form go mad.

It was Red nose day yesterday.
Exhibit A;
Totally rockin' my Vivienne westwood for TK Maxx charity tee, as you can see.
I am, in fact, still wearing it.
So, my sixth form are always up for a good cause, this year they championed a fancy dress theme for Red nose day for those who were brave enough, I wish I was, but I didn't have the time, funds or energy to dress up, be warned next year, I'm either going as one half of Jedward or someone from Big fat gypsy wedding.
Chloe's inflatable sumo suit was a personal favourite. (she is actually very slim)
Roisin just wanted to be a tiger.
As was Oona bumblebee's homemade tin man suit- which won the prize.

This is just her casually adjusting it in art.

This is ma pal Megan who came as a skeleton until she told us she had casually brought face paint and so Oona and I turned her (and a couple others) into mimes (and a dog)
(as explanation for my hair, it rained)

(Tom, Megan, Milton (who also won a costume prize) and Andy, who requested to be painted as a cow but ended up as a mime, cus' we said no.)
I took Advantage of a black lipstick- for fun, fun fact #! dressing as a mime receives praise, black lipstick brings a group of year 7's (the little people) crossing the road to avoid you, and a teacher doing a real life double take.
Just in case you were considering it.

It was a total Loreal moment for me,
Oh- me and Megan did a mime sketch- after I'd done the black lips, I was the right sort of person for the job.
Oona stood in as camera man.

Hannah said I looked like a real, all American goth, or Mortica Adams, both were blamed on the hair.
They top of ma lips'
The end.
Did anyone do anything extra special to raise money?
Turned out I got a migraine (my first) so was conked out on drugs during The BBC special.
which totally blew.
Until next time lovelies,


Sammi said...

*huggles* migraines suck I hope you feel better. I always feel like I've been punched the day after and like one side of my head is bigger than the other, kinda like the elephant man! So I hope you're okay now x

Looks like your sixth form are awesome for comic relief :) I recorded the tv special because I was working x

Wife Of A Salesman said...

? What is red nose day? What are you raising money for? What was the bbc special? Curious...and American. It looked like a day filled with fun, and yes truly american goth, the black lip stick and all that, never touched the stuff myself. I find as soon as a migrane starts to come on a large dose of caffine, a dark room and a nap usually will knock it out. Keep on Keepin on.

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