Thursday, 10 March 2011

Just like pictionary.

My half term week, my friends, few words, just pictures.

{Brighton beach with the Italians for Benni's 18th.}
{if you know me at all- you ought to know my mutti calls me moo}
{begrudging visit to the Tate modern with Oona Bumblebee}
{Ai Wei Wei- 100 million porcelain sunflower seeds exhibit- incredible}
{Oona does the Cancan dance.}
{kidnapped- taken to gathering of drunkards- became a drunkard}
{what you can't see can't hurt you right?}
{Katie's pop's 50th- two words, free bar, no ID needed- one word- unconscious}
{party's over- off to the pub with Katie's BF}

{Shrove Tuesday- aka pancake day- busted ma diet}

It's good to be back- now that we're all caught up I'll be back soon, to fill you in on thing's I've missed, but for now, Jack would have been 18 tomorrow, so say a little prayer.

1 comment:

Sammi said...

Ah looks like you had an awesome half term. I have taken that exact picture of St. Paul's Cathedral

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