Thursday, 17 February 2011

These days.

I seem to blog more here lately.
I totally blame Tamsin.
I've had quite a busy week for me, I was quite antisocial for a while, with the SAD and all, but with all the vitamin D my tablets and the new-found sun is giving me, I'm lika whole new woman/teenager.
A weenager if you will.

I'll do this Jazz in chronological order, for the sake of my freakish order in drawers (see later)
So- there were birthdays, Veggie burgers, cakes, the stealing of butterfly stickers- though ultimately if you put the bill on a tray covered in sparkly butterfly/flower stickers, you're asking for trouble, who wouldn't assume they're a gift?

Oh- someone asked me the other day, (I am amazed that anyone reads this anymore) and FYI my eyeliner- when it is winged out all retro- is Bobbi brown long wear gel eyeliner in black, though in my opinion, it isn't that long lasting, and next time I will get the clinique one, which is a few pounds cheaper, It is amazingly easy to use and whilst I bought the Bobbi brown eyeliner brush, a couple days ago I went to an art shop (Which, as an art student, I could write a whole other post about) and bought a teeny tiny angled brush- 1/8th and have been using it as an eyeliner brush and it is FANTASTIC- its a creative thought but I recommend having a look and then comparing an expensive brush to the little ones you get in a craft store :)
phew.. where was I?
Ah yes.
The weekend.

Trish was seventeen on Saturday, as a group, we agreed not to talk about it, but it was intended to just be a quiet night it, so our intentions were there.
This is the reason I am dieting, if you could actually get in there, clean and tidy, my mutti's wardrobe would be enough to pay my way through university, and I wish I was joking, this dress she's wearing below I particularly have my eye on...just 60 more pounds...

We are not that alike- you've not seen more organisation unless you've been allowed to witness my drawers and wardrobe, it's organisation on a whole new level, regardless of the mess on my floor.
My Valentines day wasn't exactly...anything.
This is the first year I've thought that it really is a bit suck-ee if your single, I just ate chocolate with cherubs.

And made cakes- I put a marshmallow in one- success! they may look ugly as, but were scrumptious, I promise.
Oh- recently, of the 27 pounds I lost I gained 5, so I'm back at 22, and I don't know how to get back on track- this would be the time for a motivational speech.
{enter here}
I guess that was it for the week- tomorrow's a pretty big day, pray for us.
Until next time my sweethearts,

Oh- p.s- Oli got her hair cut today for the first time in a year or so...
Two and a half hours later...

And I am convinced she has more hair than when she started- for someone who stands at a long 5 foot 11 barefoot, that's a Lotta hair- my share too methinks.


Anonymous said...

They best way to get that 5 lbs. of is to start your diet all over again. Don't skip meals, eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and drink a lot of water. The weight will come off again, you'll see. Then that dress your Mutti is wearing in the picture will be yours.. Providing she gives it to you.

Heather Lee said...

Oh man, I know how your mom feels...Holland had her eyes set on my shoes from the day she was born (i'm certain) she must have caught a glimpse as she was coming out head down and hasn't veered since. Shoes are a little different than sharing clothes...but I imagine if we're anywhere near the same size, she'll be raiding my closet. It's good motivation for you though! To have wardrobes full of fun clothes!
I think you look fabulous, as always with or without the 60lbs, but it is always good to try to maintain health.
Hey, we use the same dry shampoo...except I lost mine (Holland most likely) and I picked up another brand that leaves my hair a greasy chicken mess.
Would you tell me the brand again so I can pick another can up?
Thanks dear! And your hair is SO long, I'm sure it's longer than mine. I did just get 3 inches cut off of mine the other day though, but it was cut in the V-Day photos so I guess you didn't notice. And I have TONS of hair (minus the massive ammount I lose after each baby) but it's super fine, like lots of hair, but it's not it is very flat. But every hair dresser I've ever been to is amazed with how much hair I have...because it looks so flat.

Lala said...

Calories in, calories out. Seriously eat 6-8 small meals a day and move more.

Heather Lee said...

haha! Oh no! Lost in translation...sort of;) Kind of funny how it applies...but of course I'd never call my husband an idiot. No never. How funny.

AllyM said...

I love reading your blog. I also love MARC JACOBS Daisy perfume. Best Smell Ever.

Good Luck on your diet, my advice...just keep working out everyday. Only rest on Sundays:)


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