Saturday, 12 February 2011


Hey Guy's- just hanging out- drinking Helium last night, Y'know how it is.
Turns out you can't blog without a laptop and when your laptop is confiscated and locked in the study for a week it's a real obstacle.
It was liberated this morning during a food hangover.
(that's the current diet update)
It has been a birthday week or two- Four close chums hit the big 1-7

That is...Tara, Trishie, Alice, and Tisha.
Trishie is in fact 17teen today, we're off to her place for some more drinking.
This is just me and both of my friends who have cool blogs.
Oona- has abandoned hers.
Megan- who keeps hers a 300ish followers secret.
We're all pretty awesome.
We went to TGI Fridays, it was my first time visiting, If they offered, I would totally of moved in, my burger took me to somewhere near Nirvana, it was so good, I chose to eat it and leave my chips, I was eating with my eyes you see, and my tummy it doth protest.
T'was a veggie burger cus Meat is Murder- I don't really think that, but I saw a cool T-shirt in urban outfitters that said it, so I wrote it down.
There were so many of us that went yesterday...23ish, that I only spoke to a few people, mainly Oona bumblebee cus she's the best.
Isn't that right sweetcheeks?!
Anyway, on to other things, I need to post this in case Trishie looks at ma blog.
Trishie and I 363 days ago.
we were so young then.
The 411 with Trish is, she's a really good friend, like very selfless- the kinda go-to friend, much better than me, and that's why I love her, she balances out my selfishness, and her skinny legs balance out my big one's we're a perfect pair.

Happy 17th sweetcheeks.

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