Sunday, 30 January 2011

On the weekend {LOTR Jazz}

The term "on the weekend" may or may not be a correct linguistic phrase, but if I would say it I will write it, cus it's ma blog.
Where where we?- ah yes, on the weekend I researched one of my new years resolutions to read both the Hobbit and The lord of the ring's trilogy- by re-watching all three films the extended versions.
I know!- I know what your thinking, how do I organise my time into 12 solid hours of film watching, I tell you- I'm just that dedicated to the written- and made into films-word.
(you can clap at the end)
Alex made the burden harder to bear by appearing at three minute intervals to be irritating, but he looked so cute in his new shirt I only threw three teddies at him.
Oh- so this morning, at the unholy hour of...9:30am I was up to head off to Oxfam where myself and Trish volunteer each week- though I have to point out that I man the till and Trish sits next to me pricing me with the price gun and not looking into our supervisor's eye's so we won't be told to reorganise and restock the CD/DVD/Video aisle again.
Basically we're the eye candy- we got two new- really hardworking volunteers- boys of our age c'ept a year older, and they really do put us to shame, I wear fun necklaces and smile, they do the heavy lifting- it's not arrogance, it's the truth- to be honest they are likely a bit bemused by the two girls who "don't look sixteen" but act like four year olds so it balances out- anyway we're a bit much for some people when we're aiming a rubber into a hoop of sellotape a meter away across the shop.
(If your stalking this blog to offer me a well paid (paid) job as a waitress in any of Ruislips fine Establishments please enquire below)
still with me?
The point to this story was that I sat for two - four hours, ringing in the till and reading the first few pages of the lord of the rings I helpfully found on the book shelf whilst Trish priced me, I think I'd be good with children.
FYI- she priced me @ £0.99p- she claims not to know how to change the gun, I claim she lies.
Hey guys.
So- I had planned to do something cute with my hair today- FAIL.
Oh yeah- does anyone here do Zumba? my Mutti is trying to blackmail me to go with her, because to be honest my hips don't lie and I've got Shakira's dance move's down.
Seriously, waka waka eh eh.
Think a young Shakira- who's just eaten Beyonce (I'm a big fan) and is doing the waka waka.
I hope none of you went blind from that- but that's what it's like.
It's my baby hips, they're waka waka ehehing for zumba classes.
I think I should take up drinking coffee.
I would be so much more level- oops, we'll have to finish here- my attention span just went next door.


Leah said...

lol, ace post :)

Megan Blair said...

I gave up after the first film
I couldn't get the rest at blockbusters :(
but the hobbit is goood

super jealous of oxfam
im seriously the only person my age there
and no boys

oh i do need to do zumba :)

The Girl said...

Zumba it up baby. It's awesome.

Heather Lee said...

I love Zumba. Love it. But it really depends on the instructor in my opinion. I've been to an amazing Zumba class that was mostly hips told lots of lies that night. And then I went to one that was geared down, too slow in my opinion. And too many jazzercize moves. There's a few zumba moves that are less dancey and I think she picked those and decided to give everyone a few too many beats to accomplish the moves. Anyway, hard to explain. But try it, you might crave it like I do.
I'm so glad you like my newest neices name:) She's a doll baby and her name fits her. You'd bring a great Remy into this world, to share the name.

Heather Lee said...

in like 10 years of course:)

Sammi said...

No, Zumba falls on skittle nights.

Well done by the way watching all those lord of the rings, i have the hobbit sat on my shelf at home i have yet to read it either.

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