Wednesday, 5 January 2011

January blows- I got ahead of my resolutions.

It does,
If you disagree you probably didn't start sixth form this morning, leaving the house before light and getting home after dark, Blow-eeeindeedie.
Did anyone make resolutions to get fit/ loose weight/ drop a dress size/ be healthier?
I've been making them for the past four years.
Tell me about it- Though this year, in preparation for my short attention span (try having a conversation with me, I'm probably thinking about shoes) I got ahead of myself- and as of today I have lost 21 pounds.
(You can read them here)
Please, hold your applause (Oh Okay)
But apart from that, It Blows, the reasons I have so far are;
Oli has a chest infection and the Flu (you can apparently have both)
My sketchbook should have double the amount of work
I just got paint on my pretty sheets,
However; In my effort to be more positive;
I am listening to Leona Lewis Happy- to hit the January blue's running
Have made arrangements to go out with my lovelies, rather than revise (this is/is not/ a positive thing) this weekend
FYI- back to the short attention span I have only revised for one exam in my Life, I got a D- new year, new start, new strategy, I am on that.
Did anyone Do anything Charitable for the new year?- I'm volunteering with a catholic charity shop, And though sometimes it can be a little menial- the bigger picture people, I recommend it.
Moan over.
Text from Trish (clothes crisis)
"**** all, I could wear the skirt from H&M but with my bra 'cos I don't have a top, wbu?"
Reply from Moi
"Which skirt? Is it a nice bra?- Nothing"
Underwear is outerwear people.
You gotta cover all bases,


Tana said...

21 pounds ahead of your resolutions!!! Fabulous!

T said...

Way to go~ Congrats on the 21, that is awesome!

Anonymous said...

hi Madsta its Sally Hill here! love ure blog its sikkk!! i would follow but its long creating an account which means more unwanted emails...ect ect!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sammi said...

do you know i thought it was because i was tired i could see two signatures but then i hit refresh and there it was all over again.

congratulations on your weight loss. you should take pictures to see how well you're doing throughout!

i agree january blows. because we all make new years resolutions we just don't keep.

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