Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Birthdays and Wednesdays.

I always say Wednesday Wed-nes-day in my head, that word is crazy to spell.
Also BTW, which FYI, means by the way- I still spell because- Big elephants can always understand small elephants.
Learnt it in year three and do it every. single. time.
I'm actually 7- Oh and seriously when did we all get so old? (by we I mean my people) all of a sudden all my friends are 17, this time next year I will be almost old enough to buy my own alcohol (Oli will be redundant to me) 17 is way to close to responsibility, and ultimately 20- to me, and I like being a teenager.
Though maybe I'll like 20- in my head though, I never accepted my birthday(s) past 15, I could have been 15 for-ev-er.
This is my poodle.
She is 'bout my age, I love her, she likes to sleep 23 hours a day, and since she has had her bed for...ever, my Mutti- who moans about our little pilgrim a lot, bought her a new bed today, because she secretly thinks of her as her fifth child (I tried to convince her five is a good number, she told me I could have five, told her I would)
It is kind of like an Ugg boot bed, that's what I think of, my Mutti also subconsciously co-ordinated it with the lounge, she's pretty fly when she wants to be.
I patted her on the head on behalf of the doggle.
Dad, my Daddy, is 51 today, he's a bit redundant about it all- I tried to console him by saying he really didn't look a day over 50, then I worked out that when he was 60 I would be 25- which Is weird for me.
I hope I'm skinny.
Anyway- I actually felt pretty bad for him, one of his business partners picked him up early- he was up at 4:30am, and went to Cornwall on business, though he did get home earlier- we cooked Chinese food and gave him cool presents, if it was me I would demand a second birthday, we let him watch an annoying film as a gift.
Note- Alex See's biscuits.
That's my boy.
I have had a spectacularly good day.
Have I?- the latter part of it has clouded it so much I can't remember if it was all good,
I'll tell you a story, So I get home after hitching a lift with Oli and a schoolfriend, and I'm just beginning an email to Tamsin when...! Eve- upon looking for something in my small stash of important pieces of paper behind my Buddha on my window sill, found £20 that I had hidden there several weeks ago and forgotten about.
It was like Christmas all over again, because, right on cue, I had run clean out of money.
It made my 4:32pm.

Seriously- I'm hot- specially on flash in the evening when I haven't washed my hair- thanks Alex, your the next Mario Testino.
I ate cake and Chinese food for the occasion- I can already feel it desperately searching for a place on my thighs.

Evil Eve is a cutie pie, she fills up my water bottle.
I only had to spray perfume in her direction twice.

Oops, there goes my poodle again.

Sorry for the ramblings, I have the worlds shortest attention span,
I meant to write.
Happy birthday dad,
Love, you,
From Mabelthorpe.


Anonymous said...

How is your weight loss coming along?

Sammi said...

Happy birthday to your Daddy!

Congrats on the £20 find, I am jealous... my wages are going down and my spending is going up!

I love rambly posts like this, I find it hard to concentrate if a post isn't broken up by pictures and a bit... scattery... is that a word, my spell check says no!

Hope you're feeling more calm about your AS / A levels and UCAs and the such like now xxx

Mrs. Y said...

I think you need a link or button for Me here Her there on your blog.

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