Friday, 10 December 2010

Thing's that go bump in the night.

It must happen at least once a week.
Our house is old, must be nearing 100 (?) The way I heard it it used to be owned by an artist, in the 20's (?) who ostentatiously called it the white Hilton, it creaks and makes creepy noises all on it's own.
When we first moved in when I was 9, I used to sit in bed with the lamp on listening to every creak, sure it was an intruder, the stairs were the worst.
A few year's back It occurred to me that I'd likely hear someone actually getting in, and so I started to love the dark, and being on my own in the house, it is so freakishly peaceful.
But last night I woke up, I could very clearly hear someone coming up the stairs, I checked the time, it was half four, I thought maybe Dad had to leave for work early, but this was too early, I'd drunk more than two litres of water just before bed, (turns out I am super dehydrated) but there was no way I was going to make the 2 second walk from my room, to the bathroom.
I listened, convincing myself there was someone walking into all the rooms, our's was the only door that was shut. about twenty minutes later I shook Eve awake, first checking there was no mysterious get-away car outside.
I made her open the door to our room, and I checked every room on the way to the bathroom.
On the way back we were scared out of our whits, "everything alright girls?" dad called, we nearly jumped clean out of our skins.
"Is there someone downstairs?"
"The doggle was howling, it was me"
We were not happy.
Not at all.
Does anyone else do it? I've got a terrible habit of really really scaring myself, the other day I heard a story.
A girl was going clubbing with her friends from university whom she shared a house with, they were all getting into a cab when she realised she had forgotten her ID- her passport, she had left it on her bed, she went back in alone for it, ran into her room and didn't bother turning the light on as she knew exactly where it was; she went out and when she got home, she turned on her light and all her stuff was gone, and there was a post-it-note on her mirror saying "thanks for not turning on the light"
Is that not the creepiest thing you ever heard? (I should have saved this for Halloween) And its a true story, from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend.
Anyway I'm off to paint...something,
Until next time my sweethearts,

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