Saturday, 18 December 2010


Snow isn't as much fun as I thought.
we had none overnight, and in the last three hours, we've had about 5 inches, it's like a blizard, Oli's university friends are all stranded trying to get home, Mutti is in the middle of nowhere driving about 7 miles an hour.
My italian friends likely can't get home for christmas if this continues.
Sure it's pretty, but I'm not as fond of it.
It's a good thing my cape came yesterday

I know, I'm hot.
But back to the present.

This is now about double.

It's one week till christmas!- is everyone ready?
Christmas shopping has been really easy for me this year, everyone's getting a hug.
*This is your hug*
How is the weather out of Ruislip's snowglobe?
Until next time my sweethearts- be safe!


Anonymous said...

Well Mad, where I live is cold, but no rain or snow.. And none in the forecast either. Bummer!

Lynne said...

Freezing in Illinois, but only a couple inches of snow...for now!

Sammi said...

F***ing awful to be honest. Getting to and from work is a nightmare, doing extra hours because I have no other way of getting in.

T said...

I love your cape! It is in such a great color too! Who makes it?
Love your blog! Please send some snow my way in New Jersey!

Wife Of A Salesman said...

I haven't been around for a while, new jobs got me too busy to read my long list of most favorite blogs, yours is right up at the top. I wanted to say I love your new signature, classy! Also, chin up about the snow it's a good reason to stay home and warm with the ones you love. Hoping your Mum got home safe and sound and that your sister's university friends make the best of the situation and that your warm weather Italian friends make good memories in your winter wonderland. Have a great week and a Happy Christmas!

sarah, rsm said...

lots of snow in michigan where it is sure to be a white christmas in america's winter wonderland!

lovely cape for a lovely young woman. :)

Christmas Blessings to you and yours,

m-online08 said...

happy new year

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