Sunday, 5 December 2010

My Mutti comes home; pictures I stole from her camera.

I did not sleep well last night, I was tossing and turning until well after two am.
(any remedies?- I'm a tosser and turner)
I had to be up by eight, and a little after my alarm went I heard Mutti bundle in the drive- I'm no fast mover, but I'm fairly sure I rivalled any athlete. yuhu.
I'm sure I must have broke a rib- it was a ferocious hug.
It is so pretty.
I'm (along with Mutti) the resident magpie- made out of the shell from pearls? some such thing a-roo.
I love it.

(My favourite part was they all had spray tan's done to go- to Barbados!)
I suppose it's easy to judge, being the Olive skin macaroon I am, I am sorting out my Mutti's pictures and wow, she is sooo taking me next year. I think we should compare scenery,

London town.
I think we can all see there is somewhat of a discrepancy.

Isn't she beautiful, if I say so myself, the best part is, I haven't told her I'm putting any pictures up, so she won't mind- she didn't go alone, but who am I to post pictures of the whole world on here.
You probably have to be a king or something.
She's often asked if she's a model y'know, my humble Mutti, bearer of us four children.
And she's downstairs cooking a roast (that I can't eat) some might call her supermutti,

(I will boast shamelessly where my Mutti is concerned- she's unflawed in my biased eyes)
Jet-skiing, They also went snorkling and swam with the turtles *jealous sob*
I've never been anywhere. nope.
Though it has been 28 years since mutti went to Barbados, or anywhere, so it was deserved, just a bugger, for we're atune my Mutti and me, and I'm kind of a sea lover, not swimming pools no, but sea? gimmegimme,

L to R- Mutti- Mutti's shoe.
(they also went waterskiing.)
Pray I get to go oneday- or just anywhere is alright, maybe a ferry trip to Ireland even- if I could just leave english shores, I've been everywhere, and as much as I love the good old britishness of england, I'm so over it.
Until next time my sweethearts,

P.S- The ankle is doing much better, but it's still a-(insert swear word of your choice here)


jodi said...

Your mother is lucky to have you.

madsta said...

Ah but Jodi 'tis the other way round!

Hen said...

Lovely pictures :)

Teenage Daydreams

Heather Lee said...

I'm so glad you have your mom back:) I find it hard to believe that you haven't been ANYWHERE! Even when I lived in England for a semester I took a week trip to Spain and I had (almost) zero money! So what I'm saying is, if airfare is what it was 4 years ago, you guys definitely need to take a trip. I can see why your mom hasn't taken a trip in 28 years. It's so hard to leave your children. I have a hard time leaving for 30 minutes. And if my kinds adore me like you adore your mom in their teenage years...I don't see it getting any easier.

It looks like heaven. I would love to see her gang of girlfriends, but I understand needing permission to post women in bikini's:)

Cute necklace. Even if you don't travel, at least you look like you do now.

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