Saturday, 4 December 2010

Letters to my Mutti in Barbados; the last day's

Dearest Mutti- are you at the airport yet?
I don't know what time your flight leaves, evening time?
I am so excited to see you, so excited, we can compare injuries- I think mine is fairly spectacular, give me a minute and I'll tell you all about it.
I have never, in all my years not seen you for 10 days, I think it's a really long time, and that the university's are going to have to move to Ruislip, it's the only way.
We had a lot of snow and ice these past days- averaging out at rarely warmer than 1 degree all day, and minus 4 ish at night.
For example (I said that to Eve in french earlier, you would have thought it was Spanish) Eve went to bed last night in; leggings, two pairs of socks, a top, her giant cow print onesie, and tracksuit bottoms and and a top over, no matter how many times I told her it was NOT that cold, and how unhygienic it must be, it grossed me out a lot.
I will now recount the tale of my injuries.
It's fairly harrowing.
I was walking through school, just outside the front entrance, during registration as I had been collecting Mufti money, Our school chaplain walked past and said hello, then I managed to go flying, twist my ankle and land on it.
I was worried I had died.
I do feel a bit bad for our chaplain, I swore an awful lot, and wow did it hurt, I didn't think I would be able to walk, not ever again, I resembled Oli's first attempts at walking in the hospital- on crutches.
I walked all day like a snail with a limp, trying not to cry.
On the way home from the train station, in the pitch black, Eve and I walked holding hands to ensure there were no more mishaps, I was just saying that if I fell again I might give up on life, when I fell, flat on my back, I just lay in the snow for awhile after that.
Then, about.....50 yards down the very same road, It happened again, on a slope to the road, this one was quite spectacular actually.
I slipped backwards, grabbed onto Eve to save myself and turned to my side, first landing on the opposite knee to the leg I had really hurt then onto my hip and to add insult to injury, when Evie fell she accidentally kicked my in the wrist, I cried about the sheer injustice of it all.
Going down stairs is the worst bit. ouch.
It's all swollen, my ankle, I think I deserve an extra Barbadian present- I hope your poor tootsie is recovering, what a bugger.
Anyhoo, I have not been feeling full of beans, everything falls apart without you.
My super duper low calorie diet is making me feel dizzy whenever I get up too fast, as was illustrated during Thurdays shower.
It has not been my week.
And If I may Mutti- I would like to save my skin by pointing out that whilst Dad asked me to buy your "welcome home Frannie" flowers, I was clearly too faint and limpy to do so, and so he sent Eve, and that is why they are horrible.
I love you, Have a really really really safe flight, and promise to text me as soon as you land!
Love you,

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Sammi said...

Oh no :o(

feel better Maddi xx

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