Thursday, 9 December 2010

Just add it to the pile.

I am loosing it.
Art is the source of my problem, as per usual, I haven't done enough, I don't know where I'm going with it.
I want to eat my paintbrushes, this is a big conclusion, I am a bit of a paintbrush fanatic, and mine are new.
This is what I'm working on- rope.
I can't find an artist- anyone know any that paint a lot of rope?
I. Am. Stressed.
Normally at this point I would eat my body weight in chocolate, but as I'm on the skinny trail I can't (thought in the past couple weeks I've lost 12 pounds- I've never lost 12 pounds before) Heather is Graham nine months yet? - I may be a bit late on our deal.

It is icy cold here, My poodle has officially lost her few remaining marbles, she has just walked into my room three times and walked back out, yesterday she just dropped down asleep, she was standing, then all of a sudden she was asleep, we had to check to see if she was alive.

My room, which I so want to show the world, is gross, it doesn't smell so hot cus' the dog slept in here, and one of my tubes of acrylics smells like a milkshake.
It's spooky, and I haven't even talked about the floor yet, which I'm using to store my clothes.
Until next time my sweethearts,

P.s- do we prefer the newer, shinier blog, or the old one, cus I can't tell which I prefer.


Sammi said...

I like the new blog, I am not so sure on the reactions tick boxes though... :/

The LaBrue Family said...

Can I just say that your rope looks pretty amazing :)

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