Monday, 27 December 2010

"It was just like Christmas!"

 *This is a very one sided/and or selfish view of our families Christmas, because after all, it's ma blog.
And then it was Christmas!
Firstly- I will say, that Christmas is, without question, my favourite time of year, Olivia Say's I'm immature about Christmas, I say she's a scrooge.
It all began with Christmas Eve mass, on, fittingly, Christmas Eve- Every year I scorn at the 2,000 people who flock to this mass, what's the point in going at Christmas if you don't go every week right?
Well Christmas Eve mass was my first trip to church since Oli's car crash in May.
That is a long time, I don't know how I feel about it, but importantly, I went/will go.
As I am still considered a child- because I am, it's okay for me to get really, really excited, the kind where you go to bed straight after church, without dinner (I don't eat dinner anyways anymore) lay out your stocking, and have both Eve and Alex sitting in your bed for half an hour, no one talking, the excitement tangible.
Oli spent Christmas eve (and part of Christmas day and boxing day) with Jack's family, we missed having her around.
When my Mutti tucked Alex (who is a believer in st. Nick) into bed he said;
"I'm so excited I might explode"- he didn't.
Alex woke My Mutti, Eve and I up at about 4am, by telling us it was Christmas (!) and putting pieces of terry's chocolate orange in our sleeping mouths.
Let me tell you, that was my first piece of chocolate this whole month of December, and it was melted!
We finally got up around 7, it was pitch black and Alex came to open Eve and mine's stockings- in the dark, I do not allow lights on before, the sun comes up. nope.

Stockings are possibly my favourite thing about Christmas (aside from Jesus being born (obviously))

They don't look their best at minus hours.

Now, we had our traditional "who's waking oli up?" game, because last year we all went- safety in numbers, and Oli punched Eve, we all did shotgun not me, but could not find a conclusive loser, so sent Alex, because he has more time left in his life for therapy.

Christmas marked my first full day or eating, mainly carbs and chocolate (is chocolate a carb?) this whole month, and Dad always tries to make us eat breakfast before presents, O-kay then.

(Dad and Eve woke Oli up, about a half hour after we came down)

Oh I love presents, A lot. The 'Keep calm and carry on' box is a first aid kit, I'm always injuring something.
Some may not be fans, I sooo am.

Thanks Dad- Thanks Vivienne.
(Worlds prettiest clasp)
I never really get surprise presents, because I always choose my own, it's the control freak in me, But this year, My Mutti got me a surprise.
I always worry when you get a present and can tell it's clothes, the whole right size/style/length palava, but I LOVE my surprise.
It is the inspiration to loose my next stone (and a bit) to be able to eat/breath/sit down/wear it, at the moment it's a sort of a breath in/stand still dress (this was done on purpose to motivate- it's about a size or two too small)
I feel all 70's/Biba when I don't breath in it.
(no one was around to take a picture :()

 Then the Grandparents arrived- bringing the above, it was just like Christmas!

Then it was time for lunch.
My first 'meal' for a month, I was advised to stick to proteins, but seriously, what is protein next to carbs? right?

And I'm sure champagne is protein.

The grandparents.
I am trying to remember what Grandma Maggie (Irish + crazy= hysterical, middle)
did, for example, last year she used gravy granules instead of coffee, and this year, in search of sugar for her tea, she instead used dried couscous (about half a bag) found the tea a little lumpy, and found a different bag of sugar, kept on drinking until she found a porridge like substance about half way down the cup, and the mystery was solved.
"Holy Mary mother of god"
in her own words.

So- from me,
did you have a good Christmas?- tell me what your best present was?
Who hit the sales yesterday? The only time all of my sisters and I go shopping together the whole year through, is boxing day.
I got loadsa fun stuffs, none of it, ironically though, was in the sale.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress you received! I loved the baubles too.
As a Mother, I did not receive any gifts, but found great pleasure and joy in watching my son open his treasures, and laughing when my husband opened the gift my son gave him.. A rubber chicken. A Wicked sense of humor my son has.

valarie said...

At 40 going on 12 stockings are still my favorite as well. If you haven't tried it yet falsies is a must have! Happy New Year!

jodi said...

Our sons gave us a dinner our for New Year's Eve plus tickets to the First Night Celebration in town. In 27 years this will be our first proper New Year's Eve out.
I love the dress that your mom gave you. She has great taste.
The story about your grandmother makes me laugh.

Sammi said...

Merry Christmas Madsta!

Looks like you got some awesome presents! I got a Keep Calm & Carry On print, which I love. The whole Boots 3 for 2 thing and lots of other goodies!

Your dress is beautiful as are your gifts looks like you and your family had a fab time. And to answer who goes to Christmas Eve mass and not Sunday services, people who work on a Sunday (that'll be me then)!! xx

fiona may said...

Love the bracelet, necklace and dress!
Love Grandma Maggie's coffee story, it was brilliant!
Love you too!
Happy New Year 2011

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