Friday, 17 December 2010

Hello winter;

As I type, snow is falling, it looks like;
My Mutti says it's just like being in a snowglobe, it's a good job I got my winter "cape" in last night, my first- sort of weather appropriate outerwear for some years- and my new watertight boots? those came tuesday, it's just like Christmas!

I'd like to point out that whilst this is a pathetic amount of snow, it fell in about 3 minutes (and still going!)
You may/may not have noticed, I'm kind of obsessed with the weather, the forecast, everything, it's a quirk.
I have a few of those.
 Heck- I may even go get Eve to take a picture of me, in said cape, in the snow, after I've dragged myself to the shower of course, who know?
How's the weather your end?
Until next time my sweethearts,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Send me some of that fluffy white stuff. Please!

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