Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Deck the halls and all that jazz.

On the day of 'The great snow' Dad was feeling 'delicate' and so sent Mutti, Evil-Eve and I down to the manor barns to collect a tree- after Mutti finally got home from her snowstorm.

I'll admit, the scene down there was gorgeous, stunning and in my cape with my womenfolk for company I felt a bit like I had gone back a hundred years.
The poor tree's- all called Vivienne would you believe ( I just made that up) were in a fairly sorry state after 'The great snow'- which I have also officially names the 5 inches that fell in about 3 hours.
Kindly, my Mutti had the laddy pull out nearly all the Vivienne's- too thin, too tall, too skinny, too lopsided-"What!- £45 for a tree!- £40- fine, but please pull your trousers up" such a mother, my Mutti, she harassed the teenage seller about why his trousers were at his knees until I wanted to crawl under a tree and wait for the slow release of death.

How's that for an action shot?- our lovely tree- Vivienne is a bit of a pear shape, the cur-sed word of the women of my family *shudder*
For quite a while, Mutti let us carry the tree,
Until I could no longer feel the tip of a finger, and we recruited her.

Our tree is a bit "special looking" with one of my own surviving school-made ornaments, proud day, proud day.
Its quite nippy out, last night I found myself with nothing to do *nothing I wanted to do*
And so summoned Eve and asked how she felt about going to bed.
It was 7:20pm, she came round, as we have to go to bed at the same time, mainly because, for half an hour after lights out, Eve is in bed with me (everyone did that with their sisters right?) and we mainly talk about Christmas these days- or snow, or, now that I am well and truly dieting (17 pounds down people) food- I love talking about food, watching cooking programs and smelling everyone Else's food, it's weird, but it gets me through, s'long as there are no calories in the air.

Oli wears thermals, yup, The cold get's to the bionic metal work in her leg and buggers up her walking and causes her a lot of pain- this is her solution.
she should know better than to linger in my room in, we'll see how long this lasts.

My bed, my laptop, my phone...the house phone, she's a giver.
My poodle says hi- she's bout my age, and what she's doing here; pretty much all she does, now she is blind/ and deaf she only notices you when you are about a mm from her face.
we love panda-poo.

This evening I took Alex shopping with me, problem with that is, I want to buy him everything- he is soo cute, everything I put on he tells me I look beautiful, I want to eat him- a lot of my friends think this is weird brother/sister behaviour, all I gotta say it, if he hits 10 and starts being mean, I will cry.
real tears.
I sort of did buy him some stuff, a top...tracksuit bottoms, a giant hot dog since it was dinnertime and hot dogs are "my favouritist food in the whole world" seriously, then a cookie which I had decided I would buy him before he finished the hot dog because I wanted to see his face light up again- I'm a feeder, they should make a documentary on me.
(any film crews- just email)
Me and Alex got this down to a T
"you are my favourite brother"
"i'n your only brother"
"And that's why your my favourite"
He has too many sisters though, so we only do it this way round, but I know his answer (cooooookieee)

And- on a final and unrelated note, why did no one tell me how much fun loosing weight is?!
Kind of.
I'm about 17 pounds down, in not very long at all (still deciding if this is good/bad)
(thinking good- it's all safe people)
Do you like the colour combos up ahead? me too, that is my two years old spring Bleached denim mac, and my nude frill dress, both of which fit again!
Two dresses are too big to be worn, and the rest all fit!
(except one needs another 7 or so pounds and the other about...a few)
And the key to cracking my Mutti's wardrobe...? check back in in 6 months,
"I will fit into those dresses, I will fit into those dresses, I will..."
Oh I love Wednesdays.
Until next time my sweethearts- if your too busy to check in before then, Have a happy, safe, wonderful holiday season with your families,
(You've all americanised me, Normally I say "have a merry Christmas and a happy new year" but holiday season is soo much less of a mouthful)
otherwise, I will think of something more purposeful, for a better post on Christmas eve,

P.S- need to know, My cape was from and this afternoon I painted my nails 'Black cherry chutney' by O.P.I, and it's hot.
Oh yeah- and I decided I don't really like change, so the blog is back to it's old ways, oops.

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Anonymous said...

I adore your cape, but unfortunately, if I bought one and wore it here, I would get the strangest stares from all.
Season's Greetings to you too. Do share all your gifts, and include pics. too. Please.

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