Friday, 31 December 2010

2010; A year in review.

January brought the new year, we saw it in on the embankments of the river Thames in central London, January flew, as it does every year, My Dad turned 50, we had last winters 'Great snow' and got a lot of snow day's off school.
February brought with it shrove Tuesday, Valentines day and my first ever year of actually giving something up for Lent and sticking to it, chocolate was my drug of choice, and le'mmie tell you, forty days is a really long time without Galaxy.
It also brought with it Olivia's first car crash of the year, she was the front passenger, about a half mile from our home, me and eve were actually getting out of bed, going downstairs and moaning about the police helicopters circling up ahead, they were following the drunk driver in the stolen car that hit the car Oli travelled in.
A month or so of physio for her knee that was pushed back up towards her hip when she hit the dashboard in the foetal position and she's all set. hmph.
In March (the 27th) I turned 16, went for Chinese, and had the best birthday cake a girl could ask her mother to make, and she did,
But we did have to have it for breakfast for a week, which, trust me, is fine by me.

In April I had a lot going on, My Mutti ran the Marathon, the night before I was up at a party, we left at midnight, and hyped up on energy drinks, actually turned down a lift to walk the seven and a half miles of guesswork roads home, we got home at 4am, and promptly collapsed on the floor, but I was up in London good and early to catch my Mutti in her run- we caught her 300 yards from the finish line,
The day after that I sat My GCSE art exam.

May was my least favourite month of the year, May 7th to be exact, I'll never be able to forget that night, that phone call from Jack's brother, Eve and I on our knee's in the lounge praying for her to make it, I think we stayed like that for more than an hour, And I've a horrible feeling I bargained my firstborn child or some such thing, I hope God knows it was the heat of the moment.
It was also the month I sat all of My GCSE's, I would sit one, excuse myself, get Eve from her classes and head on up to Charring cross hospital in London- nowhere near my home or school.
I remember the day of Jack's funeral, Oli was a day or two out of hospital, I was responsible for her med's every four hours, I had missed my classes up until lunch to help her get ready and then legged it in for an exam, When I signed in, I got in a lot of trouble from a member of staff, which was later cancelled out by another, I felt like crap in that exam, luckily, eve and I were excused afterwards, to head on back.
May is my least favourite month.
Oli turned 18.
And then I left school.
In July I was forced to go on strike, It was necessary, My Laptop was very unwell, and my annoyance prevailed, and I got my new shiny one just in time;
For prom.
What a night that was- in retrospect, we all hated everything about what we wore, the whole lot.
August came, I went to the beach and got a second degree burn to my right leg, which still shows, the colouring is off. But the main event was Reading festival, I lost my ticket 48 hours before, Mutti bought me a new ticket, I found my old ticket, we sold my old one, picked my new one up en route.
Now that was a to-do.
It was though- fantastic.
(Also scraped my way into sixth form and passed some GCSE's)
New paints for September, remind me to crack those open tomorrow to make sure I stay in sixth form.
Otherwise, aside from starting sixth form and Eve turning 14, it was a slow, slow month.
October brought Halloween and nights out.
Quite a few.
Mutti turned 48 or maybe it was 49? I forget, and headed off to Barbados, longest 10 day's of my life,
 Then came December,
Bout' sums it up
Until next time my sweethearts-


Sarah said...

Happy New Year, Madsta! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope 2011 is quite simply delightful for you and yours.

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