Monday, 22 November 2010


I've been AWOL, quite by accident,
The weather has been very English, by that I mean icy cold, misty, and raining.
The above picture was taken (from my window) at 3pm, the mist has been hanging thick all day long.
I love it, and I'm well aware a lot of people misconstrue my love of the cold and dark as a tendency towards vampires, but I can't help it, right now, for example, I'm sitting in the pitch black, I think it's coming from a large, very vocal family, if we're not arguing, it's weird, so I think I've come to love the serenity of the dark.
Anyhoo, I have a day off today, it's commonly known as Christmas shopping day by teachers and students alike, I'm not shopping, as I have no money, and stealing is generally frowned upon- just humor.

It is my darling Mutti's 49th birthday tomorrow,

She's still got it.
I love her, sometimes it makes me cry, I'm not even ashamed.
She is going to Barbados, of all places, on Thursday, with a big group of girlfriends for nine days.
I don't know if I'm going to make it.
9 days? I'll die right?- she has visited before, but this is her first plane ride, or trip abroad, since she got married, 25 years ago- FYI I've never been on a plane, never visited Ireland where I've family by the stone, and didn't go abroad until last June where I headed to Paris for three day's with my french class.

It's not too short, not with leg's as long as my Mutti.
I should be wrapping her present (courtesy of the bank of dad)

I should have spent the whole day today doing my art, I didn't, not even.
But I did watch 'Deck the halls', 'Avatar' and 'Christmas with the cranks' productive see?

Mini me much?

I'm teaching Eve to make a bed, still, it's a really long process, but I'm persevering.
I do promise to do a little tour of my new (shinier) room soon, quite soon,
Y'know, when I tidy up a bit.
me? just hanging around y'know.

Until next time my sweethearts, I'm off to appreciate my Mutti before she goes away,


Leah said...

Nice to see you posting and all your lovely photos :) Happy Birthday to Mutti, she does look a million bucks!

jodi said...

Best wishes to your mom on her trip. She will have a fabulous time.

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