Sunday, 28 November 2010

Letters to my Mutti in Barbados; Day 4

Dearest Mutti,
I hated hanging up just now- it doesn't feel like four days, that sounds like nothing, but it feels like ages, just another week until your home!
I had my first day working in Oxfam today, it was a teeny bit monotemous to begin with, but got fun as I was put on the till, it screamed at me a few times (the till) but once I got the hang of it, it made me feel really powerful.
Which I know is weird.
Our room is terribly drafty, we need curtains, it is also really awkward to get dressed,
Eve misses you too- I'm watching cops with cameras, its making me a bit paranoid.
I love you Mutti,
Really I do,

1 comment:

Oona said...

you and eve look so similar!
i can never get over that,

my family have cool names?
that was the side of my family with the normal names :)
on my dadas side there is a whole heap of irish names: ciarrai, emma, gabriel, erin, aislin, shay, fergus, aoife

i like the way you said goodbye to me today.

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