Saturday, 27 November 2010

Letters to my Mutti in Barbados; Day 3

Dearest Mutti,
I haven't heard from you today, I hope you had a good night.
It snowed here today, only a tiny bit, early this morning, Dad rushed in at an ungodly hour to tell me, when I woke up an hour later, I thought I'd dreamed it, I hadn't, but it was just a dusting,

My hands are going numb on this keyboard.
I'm even wearing socks!- me, the barefoot babe (wink wink) it's that cold, we've heavy snow forecast for early next week, I'm worried about how you'll readjust (?) when your back,
It's minus something here, but it's 29 Celsius there.- Are you burnt yet?
I took Eve and Alex up the high street earlier, braving the freezing cold, they had fairground rides set up on the pavements, most perturbing- I was feeling flush for the first time in....this month, due to Oli and Grandma's contributions to my purse- So got me a (FANTASTIC) new mascara.
I'm babysitting again tonight- I did try and suggest an hourly rate, but no, I shall have to gather all the body warmth in one spot.
Though, survival 101, we'd warm up faster if we were naked, but it would be weird and we have neighbours.
I'm drinking Coke zero again (rookie mistake) but your not here so I have no one to drive crazy with my excess energy, so I'm eating strands of my own hair.
I have in fact, replayed Ellie Goulding's new song 19 times.
And I'm the one who's been left in charge of your children.
I've decided to use the time to rearrange my draw of girlie things.

Hardly any of it's yours- thought I kept your Liz earl exfoliator company in the shower, because you left it behind, which, let's be honest, wasn't kind, It'll never get to go to Barbados now.
I miss you, really I do, quite a lot in fact, I keep screwing up my nose and mouth together the way you love, It occurred to me, your likely missing me too, so I will leave you some pictures to gaze at on the beach,

I just took a three hour break from writing this to have dinner, I got in trouble for wearing a hood, even though the house is like an igloo, and throughout the meal, was compared to both a Yeti and a hooligan.
Also, I must reiterate, that if you come back with just a picture of Annie on that shiny camera of yours, I will send you back- and FYI for your own safety don't loose dad's camera case, it's very special to him.
Over and out- I love you, all the way over in Barbados, We're watching The X-factor- Wagner just came on, unacceptable, I'm thinking of disguising myself (not that much) as one of his sexy backing dancers and taking him down mid song?
Your Maddy-Moo,

1 comment:

Megan said...

you should have :)
super cheap and now I owe my mum quite a bit of money :(
I limited the christmas list down to the bare essentials including the miu miu :D
chanel makeup :o

super jealous

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