Friday, 26 November 2010

Letters to my Mutti in Barbados; Day 2

Dearest Mutti,
Oh I love you, you only left yesterday, but already we've exchanged three phone calls and three texts, with the extortionate costs of these no barrier to our chats.
I'm glad you liked my card, and that the camera is working,
I had such a lovely day today, I still thought I would come home and find you, I laughed so much when you phoned at lunchtime, as my girls and I walked back to school in our woollies, watching our breath mist in the air, and seeing it was -4, as you told me you were on the beach in a bikini, the irony.
I ate my whole advent calender last night, like you told me to, I've never done that before, I felt such guilt.
On Friday afternoons I have Free's with the Italian students, from Milan, I love them, they are the loveliest people, we're going out next weekend (I think) they taught me to swear in Italian, and I tried to talk slow enough for them to understand, the best part was when we got hold of Milton's ipad- he's Brazilian, not Mexican.
Agnese made me cry with laughter as she blasted out the song's that make you cry.
Agnese and Benedetta
They don't mind that I put this (Poor quality) picture up because they didn't notice me take it. genius.
Trishie came home with me tonight, we bought chocolate, changed into our elasticated waistbands, and as Dad has had his wicked way with the heating we were so cold we did the only thing we could, got into my (tiny) bed and watched reruns of Grey's anatomy and talked about baby names.
Dad just got in from the pub, I can hear a bit of friction downstairs, so I'm hiding, sounds like Eve's getting a bit indignant.
I do love you Mutti, I hope your having a whale of a time, remember to stay safe, and wear sensible knickers,
Love you,

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