Thursday, 25 November 2010

Letters to my Mutti in Barbados; Day 1

Dearest Mutti,
You're probably still on the plane, I hope your flight was okay, you haven't been on a plane in a long time.
I hated saying goodbye this morning, but I didn't want to upset you by being upset,
It's only just after two pm over there, how does that work? whilst your on the plane does time just get sucked away?
I went home from school early today, it was 0 degrees, I was pretty cold (freezing) and when I'm cold my cheeks get all red, and it's embarrassing for me.
I kept thinking of questions today, and making a note to ask you when I get home, but then I remembered you would be in Barbados, where the weather is 30 degrees, I'm almost melting just thinking about it.
Remember to put sun cream on, you burn to a crisp when given half a chance.
Grandma and Grandpa are downstairs, doing dinner, 'cept you made a crucial error whilst food shopping, for there is nothing for me to eat, lots of pizza bases but zero toppings, and that sucks for me.
Do they celebrate thanksgiving in Barbados? you have to promise to take me and all your girls in a few years, we could sell Alex for plane fair?
I do miss you, even though it's only been 11 hours, I really do.
I went to the doctors, healthy as a hoarse me, not to worry.
I have to wash my hair again tonight, I used your shampoo yesterday and it is weighing it down- and FYI since you've been gone (11 hours) Dad has been abusing the heating system so the house is like an igloo, I have, this past week, taken to washing my hair every night- just as an excuse to stay in the shower longer.
I hope you've found the card I slipped in your case,
Remember, to use the camera, just press the on button, and hold down shoot- keep it safe so I can steal it when your home.
And as for my present, kindly get me something cool that I couldn't get over here (nothing with a pulse)
I love you, a lot- stay safe and don't drink too many cocktails and take pictures of everything for me!
I love you,
Maddy moo

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Sammi said...

Awwww!!! Soooo sweet :D

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