Sunday, 7 November 2010

I seriously don't know what I was on about either.

I tried to have a chat with my camera,
It's probably because I skipped lunch.
Oh: and whilst I do like the number 85, I think 87, 97, sounds like a nicer number of followers, because 7 is my favourite number, not my lucky number, just my favourite, so if you stalk this blog regularly- which I think is quite cool, then be a dear and click the follow button, I told myself if I got to 100 (optimistically) by christmas, I would do a dance.
Just sayin'- all are welcome.


Heather Lee said...

I love video posts. So much more personal. You have some fancy tricks, with your eyes and your tongue.
Well, your comments made my day! One being that you like my hair! It's been somewhat of a nightmare year for my hair. First of all, I decided about a year ago that I really didn't like I've been growing those out, so my hair looks a bit double dipped. Second, when you have children you go through a phase where basically all of your hair falls it gets really thin. I'm just now recovering from that...and third, I haven't had a haircut in a year! Yes a year. It's in deeesperate need. So I'm really glad you still like it:)
Also, I was so happy to be compared to a "fresh" face. I think she's so cute, and 4 years my younger...I'll take it!
Thanks for all of your sweet thoughts. Love hearing from you.
And I love touch sensitive lamps. I want to see your new made-over room! With all of the correct drawers and such.

Oona said...

oh maddy,
i love the fact that i saw your eye tricks first hand.
beautiful scenes,

and yeah, i do now have a secret blog, which isn't actually secret, just very unfollowed!


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