Thursday, 11 November 2010

Enraged In Remembrance

Anyone read about this?
It is the most disgusting thing I have read about in a very long time.
I would firstly like to say, just how much I appreciate the job's British soldier's do.
They make me proud to be British.
My whole school, and most of England I would imagine, gave a minute's silence as a mark of respect today.
Quite right.
When I read out the news bulletin on my phone to some fellow sixth formers they were stunned into silence, who does that? It is so much more than disrespect it makes me want to cry.
My great grandfather Jack fought in the battle of the Somme as a very young man.
My own sister nearly joined up last year.
My form tutor is ex Military.
She spent today visiting her son up at his base, he is to be deployed next year.
I wore my poppy with pride, I am proud.
I don't think there is a more brave, and heroic job out there for our young men and women.
They are the heroes of our country, not the politicians, not the royalty, nor the aristocracy,


Anonymous said...

It makes no difference where one lives. Disrespect is an awful fact of life we all have to face from time to time.
Sometimes, people feel they have to go to extremes to make their voices, opinions, and low ideals be heard and or seen.
It's sad, disgusting and very unpatriotic all around, but unfortunate things have to happen in order for the rest of us to learn how not to be.
Sometimes, it's the gross reminders in life that creates a deep patriotism and love towards one's nation.

aurora said...

Loved this post. Enjoy your blog. Best wishes from Texas. ☺

Breeda said...

Breaks my heart! Good for you in proudly wearing your Poppy.

Sammi said...

It did make me mad, and what makes me more mad is if we tell them they're wrong its racist. and what makes me even more mad is the fact that half these terrorists are living off my hard earned taxes when i couldn't get a single penny when i was poor, unemployed and homeless because i hadn't lived in the uk long enough (a matter of days) as a british tax paying citizen. assholes. sorry i shouldn't swear on your blog. but it does make me mad.

i did not have a poppy this year, i had one of those rubber bands they were selling instead. as i am much less likely to lose it. poppies appear to hop off me like fleas hop around on dogs. i'm not kidding i can get through two or three a day. insanity.

in my two minutes silence on thursday a man phoned my work telling me we do not have a website (and i argued that we do, although that is an entirely different story). today however we did manage our 2 minutes silence at 11am.

Sammi said...

PS- I forgot often that you are so young when you write such awesome words as these.

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