Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The weekend roundup, yessuree.

Tryin' out ma new lippie. (too fluorescent?)
We had two birthdays this week,
Deeny turned 17 this past Monday,
This be Deeny, aka Nadine,
And this Monday was Hannah's turn, she is 17 too.
Oh yeah, we're hot.
These two sassy things are beating us nicely, we fully expect for them to get the first wrinkle.
I don't turn 17 till march, don't worry, I already know what I want.
We headed out to try on lipstick, buy nail varnish *ahem Trish* and eat, because it interests us all equally.

I couldn't let little Trishie out sans Make up, not with innocents out and about, sure I got away with just lippie, but Trishie let me off, oh I'm just wicked.


It may have been their birthday, but there can't be enough pictures of me on here, cus ma girls are everywhere.

I know, it wasn't really a very flattering...anything for pictures, but we're still fine with it.
We went out for dinner, and had a chat with Nadine about escaping to her home turf of the Seychelles, my favourite part was the look of incredulity on her face when I told her I hated mushrooms, and that no, in fact I had never eaten an octopus or in fact had squid, that neither me nor Trish had, she told us we had to come and try her mother's octopus curry, that I would change my mind, I might hold out on that one- do vegetarians even eat octopus? Idontknow. sheesh.
I had to explain gently, whilst flicking pieces of cheese in her direction, that Trishie and I are Irish, and have been reared on potatoes and tea. It was a difficult time.
 She told me she had once seen a bag of walkers crisps over there, so I might be safe, I figure we'd go for like three weeks, that's only a net weight gain of like...three stone If I have a bag for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and tea right?

So, we are teenage girls, and whatnot, so the calender we got Hannah for her birthday is a given right? our very own (just not from England) Johnny Depp.
Trish went as far as to go and visit the set of his new film in London a few weeks ago and hang out until she saw him, as is typical of England, it was raining, and she didn't invite us, by us i mean me, I don't care about the rest of em', I didn't think we could move forward but i think we slowly are.

 We did think about not giving her the calender, but consoled ourselves by picking out our favourite pictures.

 Guess which one I picked?

It was a long night for little Trishie, so I had to send her off home to bed, *yawn*

My kinsmen, My Mutti took us to see Despicable me on Sunday, dad was away, and this is me imploring everyone with littl'uns to go and see it, My Mutti loved it, I loved it, Eve and Alex loved it, and there were children from babies upwards, I wanted to eat the film, it was gorgeous, and your littluns will love it, it is very suitable for everyone.

It was icy, we stopped for couscous. Snow is forecast t'up North this week, I'm so moving.
I know you all think I'm crazy(and so what if I am?) but I love the cold, the winter, Christmas, and mostly the dark, maybe it's because in my family, it is literally the only time I get any peace, but I LOVE it.
How was your weekend? whaddya do?
Oh, I see you, she who has not entered My giveaway, go on my pretty, click before t'is too late,
Until next time my sweethearts,


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Sammi said...

Ahhh you are all so young, you make me feel old!!!

Looks like the birthdays were awesome. Octopus is pretty lush. You should try it, even if veggies don't eat it, try everything once!

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