Friday, 29 October 2010

A totally sober surprise. surprisingly.

We were all dolled up for a surprise birthday meal/and or gathering last night, in the old part of town.
Katie came out for the occasion (she didn't stay on at sixth form) and as is usual, her hair was a different colour and style.
We had a handsome man with us for the evening too,

Exhibit a) trishies shoes for the evening, practicality over style as ever. Best if I don't show you mine.

Tara, Katie, Nicole- I know, I want her hair too.
 This is Lucy, the camera shy birthday girl, she was VERY surprised.
Funny story actually; My mutti was dining downstairs in the quirky ZaZa's of Ruislip, where the wood floors bend and dip, and the staircase is soo rickety (in a charming way) it's best to take your heels off to go down.
We made so much noise I'm sure they were very relieved when we left in search of ice cream, I met my mutti and her table of friends on the way out, they were much better behaved.
Nicole et Lizzie- check out the waitress' juggling. and on the bendy floor too.


Oh yeah, headshots. me and my chins.

To help you understand tara (trishies fairly normal) she's going to a halloween party as Ron Weasley tonight.
I love Ron Weasley.

We went for ice cream- baskin robins= best shop in my town.
As usual we were hyped on sugar- the group split, some to the birthday girl's house, others to the station, we three, Trishie, Katie and I, decided Tara's house really wasn't that far away, and we could walk it- in our shoes, and home to basecamp (my place) again. big mistake.
By the time we got there we went in for socks so we could walk home shoeless, + socks, oh and BTW, which FYI means by the way, why do english men oggle girl's from pub gardens?
We were those girls, silly enough to look drunken, sober enough to know we weren't walking home, holding our shoes.
Until next time my sweethearts,


This is Eve's bed.
It's pretty right? wrought iron victorian bedstead, and the Laura Ashley duvet covers, that when given free reign of paint colours* I designed the room around.
I ask eve to make her bed every morning, the thing is, I make a really good bed. a really good one, I just do.
Eve watches me make my bed (pretty much) every day, remake her's every day, and listens (?) to me explaining the process every other day. eve arranges (sometimes) her sheet, and arranges the duvet over it at all kinds of angles. How do you get something that wrong? some help?
* Eve was on holiday when the time came, and had been throwing around words like, Orange, red and yellow, dad told me to dicide, I wanted pink but I'm 16, so having found my dream duvet colours, I picked the colour scheme around them.
Green t'was.

pps- who else is finding bloggers new photo uploader kind of funky (because like there weren't enough in this post)?
okay, I am actually ending it here.

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