Monday, 11 October 2010

This is the kind of post, where it is appropriate to write "and its always me" because it is.

{I'm back, and its cold enough to wear hats, and it always happens to me}
So, hands up- comments open, if you are this person
for example you;
Pull a staple through your thumb, and it really hurts.
Whilst using the much despised chalk and charcoal in art, you get it on your forehead and no one tells you.
You skip into your room rejoicing at the thunder cloud up ahead, you fall over.
You put your diamond cross (that you got for you first holy communion) in a really safe place, really really safe.
You melt your plastic bottle top onto your lamp.
Your bra? it unhooks itself, because that's okay in company.
That was today; some other prime examples;
Your £200 reading ticket (I will be vulgar) you loose, it, you find it, you cant get a refund on your replacement.
You wear the shoes that flood, it rains.
You throw away that essay you wrote.
You bound into your room with such enthusiasm you jump on your bed and the slats all drop out at once- it is 1am.
Your running, your wearing heels, (the two should NEVER) be in the same sentence- thought process even. You fall, you bring skinny Trish down with you. boy's throw stones.
Your mum? she's not 49, there's an awkward moment.
Your skirt? it is tucked into your knickers and tights, though the saving grace is that you were wearing both.
I can't name them now I am writing them, come on my lovelies, I'm back, so we need to reciprocate all the embarrassing things, is it always you? (You can be an honorary reader, so I know someones with me.)
P.S your mutti runs a half marathon in two hours on the weekend, before you've gotten up, without training, for fun, eve has to drag you up the stairs.

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

you are adorable! love the color on your lips :)

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