Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A report from the trenches; calling all women.

Somebody save me.
I fell of the bandwagon and down the cliff, the new lifestyle was going just lovely, until about a week back, when I lost all sense, and now I am hiding from my scales.
Oh lordy what will we do with me?
On top of that my skin looks like hell and I feel all lethargic like, so here I sit, in my last chance saloon, any helpful odes for me? I need someone to pick me up from my rut, and move me next door,
I want to look like this again;
(I'm not saying I was thin, but thin(ner) see)
So give me something, some helpful motivation, I want to start running, but I can't and don't how do you find the motivation to just run around town?
Anyhoo, enough moaning for one afternoon, I should see the good things- it's so icy at home that I feel like my toes have fallen off, ahh bliss.
Until next time my sweethearts,


Naomi Miles said...

Falling off the bandwagon is common when trying to change bad habits,just accept you fell (dust off the mud)and jump right back on with grace and style! And once you have gotten into eating healthily, your energy levels should increase! In this cold weather, homemade soups are my saving grace, healthy and scrummy!

sarah, rsm said...

well, my dear, i left the wagon a few miles back myself and am just now getting back on my feet. again. tomorrow. after pizza tonight.

you are a ridiculously talented young writer and i am very impressed by your skill and gift! keep on writing and supplying me with a place to smile, won't you?!


Anonymous said...

Put on your cozy warm gear and go for a walk. Drink water, and eat plenty of fresh fruits and veg. To say that you fell off your wagon sounds painful. Think of it as your wagon had a hitch in it's get along, and headed straight for the nearest last chance saloon.
Don't rely on your scales. They only give you a number. Real health is in how you feel.
Cheer up and get about town. Enjoy the noon or evening hours adoring Fall's delicious colors.

Leah said...

I always find exercise works best ... i have a problem with my foot so am attempting two 30 minute walks a day now instead of one big one. i lost the most weight doing 90 minute walks every day, although it is a lot of time out of the day - it cuts down on eating opportunities cause it has you so busy LOL

Good luck!

Sammi said...

hey, thank you for my blog comment, i got it on my way to work yesterday it cheered me up, i will be sure to reply later on when i am not again on my way to work :D

you are doing sooo well! i hope you get back on with your new lifestyle. i cycle to work each day which is my excuse for lack of exercise.

Kate said...

hey i find that going on a walk / run is boring unless i have my music , make sure its upbeat so that you keep up a quick(ish) pace and you will feel better in no time :)Even though the weather is changing and lately it is oh so cold , wrap up and take the time to take your mind of things and just think about whats going on in life lately , which i do a lot when i go for walks.

Keep up the great blog :D x

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