Friday, 22 October 2010

It's all going to the Dog's

{Image stolen from here, this is the nicer end of my high street, as it looks today)
My Town made it into a national newspaper today.
An armed robbery sting about....half a mile, at a stretch, from my house, in the middle of the high street.
It's going to the dog's if you ask me,
I have lived in Ruislip my whole life, When I was little we would run across the trickle of river that served as a moat to a long gone little Norman castle which's mound can still be seen, and tell stories about the now refurbished old tumbledown manor house next door, and go to the little theatre to see pantomimes at Christmas.
Now I walk through, past The great barn with the girls when we're out for the night, or when we go to the farmer's market in the listed part of town, every third Sunday, where we can see the micro pig's that we aren't allowed, and visit a teeny tiny art gallery- and buy the yummiest apple juice you ever tasted.

We heard about the incident that happened when I was at school and drove through the high street on our way home for signs of life, or police tape, my Mutti told me that when she got to the scene of Olivia's Car Crash all she could see was police tape and flashing lights.
We don't like the nee-nor noise that ambulances make anymore, or Casualty or Holby city, we can't watch them.
In my sixth form we have four Italian students, from Milan, who have come over for a year to study, they are from Milan, they are lovely, they are in my form, they are hilarious.
We tried to teach them the slang that you probably only understand if you are English- or speak it,
and nearly died laughing- they told us tales of Italy- where "everyone smokes"

When I was younger there would be a 'Victorian evening' in the high street every year- in the wintertime,  the high street would shut down for the day, the whole length of it, and in place of the road would be Ferris wheels, helta skelters, dodgems, candyfloss, stalls, and you could see your breath in the air, I remember Dad would take us down after work, his three girls (Alex was a twinkle in his eye) and we would all have to wear our maroon coloured spotty legging and top pyjamas (all matching) under our clothes so that when we got home we could go "straight up to bed"
Those were the days, I miss our townie traditions.
Oh well, we still have the pride and camaraderie of remembrance day.
Until next time my sweethearts- I'm officially on half term (no school) yay!!


Heather Lee said...

just read that you fell off the wagon.
Well I have heard, "while breaking bad habits, you can't just simply clear out the space that the habit took, you have to fill it with something else..." basically you have to have a plan when you want to reach for your second serving of whatever you should avoid having. Ooor, when you don't feel like running, have it set in action that you will go walking instead. What will you do in place of your bad habit?

Ok, I found the actual quote.
"Do not try merely to discard a bad habit or a bad thought. Replace it. When you try to eliminate a bad habit, if the spot where it used to be is left open it will sneak back and crawl again into that empty space. It grew there; it will struggle to stay there. When you discard it, fill up the spot where it was. Replace it with something good. Replace it with unselfish thoughts, with unselfish acts. Then, if an evil habit or addiction tries to return it will have to fight for attention. Sometimes it may win. Bad thoughts often have to be evicted a hundred times, or a thousand. But if they are to be evicted ten thousand times, never surrender to them. You are in charge of you. I repeat, it is very, very difficult to eliminate a bad habit just by trying to discard it. Replace it."
Not sure if you'll get what I got out of that quote, but it seems to me that if you have a plan of action, it's easier to change your habits. Like maybe you don't have to go straight to running, start by walking up and down your stairs.
Now I'm off to heed my own advice. I'll check in when Graham is 9 months old.

Pol said...

Just to say I've been shopping :)

Will let you know when a (hopefully heavy) parcel arrives at my house!

Duffy; said...

Ruislip (':
I used to think there was no place better, but then I started going out. Now I'm counting the months until I can move outta Ruislip!

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