Friday, 15 October 2010

Breaking habits.

My trusty companion Autumn has crept from her hybernation and dusted a taster of winter over my town.
I love it, My school is in a town (a way over from mine) that is one of only two or three frost hollows in England, and it is always an icy drop as soon as you enter the boundaries, and you can feel it, within a week we will be able to see our "dragons breath" in the air.
I can't wait.
Most of our tree's are naked now.
I am a bit of a hermit these days, either surfing the net, or doing some art work- occasionally writing an essay of sorts. sometimes I can be found perusing the shops for bunting and the like, but that's about it.
My skinny friend (who started a different diet before me and is nearing two stone down- my old faithfulls will see how skinny she looks) Hannah, and I decided to walk my doggle, Panda-poo, as I am worried she'll "go to a better place" soon, as she is about my age.

We met by our bridge- the one we have trademarked y'know

We headed to the King's college fields, there were several enemy dog's in the frame, but luckily (sort of) Panda- poo is pretty much blind and deaf so we only had one run in with the enemy dog's.

There were some berries still live! could not believe it.

This is why we're hot.

We didn't know she could still run until she overtook us from several meters behind, and kept running.

My blurry road, it looks most winteree methinks.

Might leave the house more often really, was most entertaining.

Oh and I see you; you there- all 81 of you, that haven't entered my giveaway, go on, get,
Until next time, my lovelies,


George Shaw said...

Lovely pics.

Sammi said...

Lovely pictures. I think it appears to be far too cold to want to ever leave the house again.

Tamsin said...

That reminds me so much of Great Missenden :)

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