Thursday, 21 October 2010

And the winner! just kidding.

The winner of My kindly sponsored CSN stores giveaway is...Lucky number 7- That's what everyone Say's right? though I don't think it has ever been lucky for me, it is my favourite number, and when In doubt I pick 7, though this time did it for me, because they're awesome.

Congratulations Pol!- what a pretty name?!
You didn't leave me your email address (rookie mistake Pol) so there are a number of way's you can get in touch and claim your prize, and get that frying pan.
1. Email me, thus exchanging hello's and whotnot, and giving me your email in the process.
2. If you happen to be reading this, you may comment below.
3. Reply to the comment I left on your blog.
Congratulations Pol- I hope it brightened your day, And comiserations if you didn't win, but there shall be other chances, and we're all adults here.
'cept me- isn't that crazy? I'm not even nearly an adult.
I feel like one (don't all teenagers?) so I'm sure it's the same thing.
(oh and to fit on my annual moan- yesterday it was announced that university tuition has gone from somewhere around £3500 or so a year to £7,000 so that's not happening for me, are McDonald's hiring?)
Until next time my sweethearts,

For Pol- or anyone who fancies saying hello- I like mail, I can be reached here;


Izzy said...

As mad as it sounds I'd rather they capped the fees at £7000 than removed the cap altogether - that would mean universities could charge whatever they wanted, into the tens of thousands of pounds. The top class universities would have ridiculously high tuition fees making them only available to those with the most money which isn't how it should be done at all, it should be based purely on your academic skills and who you are as a person, not how much cash you (or your parents!) have in the bank.

I'm quite relieved that it won't affect me (I'm in my second year now and the £7000 fees won't be introduced until at least the year after I graduate), but I feel so sorry for those who simply won't be able to afford it and will have to miss out on such a great experience.

Pol said...

Hi Maddy,

I've emailed you :)


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