Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wednesdays and Birthdays.

My sweet little sister turned 14 yesterday.
As her closes friend I dont quite feel comfortable with that, she's my little sister, nowhere near old enough to be 14.
Unsure if I would like a 13 year old, but she was just lovely.
Our Oli is in spain, she departed mightly last minute this past friday, with Jack's family, to their villa in spain, So it was just me to show Eve what a girl does with her time on the sister front.
Me and Evil Eve have a deal you see, each year on her birthday I get to do her hair, a hairdressers dream, thick, wavy and, despite having about 6 inches lopped off not long ago, nearer her derriere than her shoulders.
I'm not at all jealous or anything.

It looked delightful, of course, and Eve resembled a real girl, for she is a beauty.
But sometimes (always) I find it hard to loose pictures, so you can see all of them, you dont really mind?
We took her shopping, My mutti, Alex and I,

The thing is you see, I have never seen Eve in a dress, other than her christning gown, and so we agreed that if she tried on a prom dress I would make her bed until christmas ( I really make a fantastic bed you know) a deal I have since got out of,
I thought so too.
As a birthday "treat" my mutti said we would all get our eyebrows threaded.
Oh boy.
So it does hurt, and Eve, not so much,

I had to get a picture, you would have thought she was being tortured, on the other hand, mine look awesome.
I can assure you Alex may look all sweetness and light, but he's not. Not to Eve anyway.

If asked to smile Alex cant.
My father, Martyn.
And finally (almost) our not yet eaten ice cream cake.
That is a giant Cow printed onesie, dont ask.
But maybe I want one.
I think Eve will be my dearest friend when I'm older, I think we'll be the sisters that call each other all the time, and bring up each other's children together, she's just that kinda girl, I mean, I think all my siblings are, She is very kind, very beautiful and very intelligant, I can't wait to see what becomes of her, she is fantastic.
Until next time my sweethearts,


Tamsin said...

They certainly grow them gorgeous in your family :)

madsta said...

Oh Tamsin, you are the lovliest, I shant disagree, only that they must in yours too, if Espen is anything to go by :)

Sammi said...

You look so alike!
Happy birthday to Eve.
How many Stimpson children are there, you, Oli, Alex and Eve? Am I right?

Threading eyebrows sounds painful! That is the Indian version of plucking isn't it?

Naomi Miles said...

I have to come out of stalking just to say that cake looks fabulous! Happy Birthday Eve!

madsta said...

Thankyou sammi- your not the first to say so; you are correct, there are four, three girls and alex :)
and yes it is painful!

madsta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Your family is beautiful! :-)

crystal b. said...

You are a dear sister Madsta. I love the things you write about your family.

Lisa said...

What a yummy looking cake!

minial said...

you sound nice and down to earth. all the best to you in your endeavours.thanks for your interesting blogs.

Kristin Brewer said...

It is so sweet how you love your sister. I have three sisters that I love like that and think they are fantastic! What a lovely family you have. Keep writing, dear Madsta.

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