Saturday, 25 September 2010


It started around 7am, when the famway took delivery of a giant sofa, two littler ones, two chair's and a pouffe.
There are still tweaks to be done, we suspect a chair too many has arrived.
Dad took it upon himself to repaint the porch.

My camera got hijacked.
Hannah dropped round to head on up the high street for Bio-oil stockists- makes your skin like a baby's bum- FYI.
Evils spent forever in bed.
My Mutti returned home whole again- her iphone was fixed.
Eve spent a lot of the day making use of our old (20ish years) sofa's
We got pandy poo involved.
Disgusting, but I am a little off colour, can you tell?(I like to change outfits)
And finally my folks headed out for an evening out, I am babysitting, oli is off limping round someones house. wish me luck.

I'm hoping to inherit them,
Until next time my sweethearts,


Wife Of A Salesman said...

Curious to know where your parents go and what they do on their night out.

madsta said...

Arent we all!- they were headed out to a surprise birthday party, the social butterflys that they are!

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