Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Reading festival extravaganza.

    As someone pointed out, I had better tell you out of towners, that Reading is pronounced Redding.
I fear some of you may be confused as to just what Reading Festival was. Reading festival Is a music festival. You pay a chunk o' money and get to camp in a field, use squalid toilets, eat any kind of food you can think of, listen too all kinds of awesome bands and acts- and drink a heck of a lot, and I most certainly didn't- but some people get up to a lot more besides.

When we were dropped off Thursday morning we felt like crying.
It was pouring. freezing. the mud so thick it came past our ankles.
Katie, Hannah, Trish and Deeny and I were together.
We Queued holding bags weighing around 5 stone for 4 hours.
We promised that no matter how good a time we had, we would never return. not ever.
However we soon forgot about the cuts on our shoulders from carrying our bags. We had five girls in our tent, which claimed to be a 4-6 man tent, well five girls were all practically piled up it was so tight, so we suspect they lied.
However we discovered that there was a funfair up the lane to our tent, that was open all hours God sent, so we were soon there, there was a tremendously spinny ride that me and my girls went on twice.
I was promptly sick the second time.

Our tent became squalid very quickly, by our first morning of camping, we had bugs everywhere, and water seeping through, we're not really country girls, and t'was most upsetting to us.
We soldiered on, with our wellies, we were camped right next to the worst kind of toilets you could imagine, suspended above ground were holes, with suspended roofs, so if you had a tall lad next to you, he had a Birdseye view.

The music was fantastic, the highlights for me being Kele, Guns'n'roses- who I feared would be a little past it but were in fact, absolutely wonderful, we were right in the mosh pit at the front- which is a very dangerous place to be, both morally and generally- I had several pails of beer land on my head and derriere- but the things some girls, only a little older than I would do to get on camera were...interesting.

I was very much looking forward to Biffy Clyro, but actually, they weren't anything special.
I did however very much enjoy Arcade fire, awesomeness.

Reading has a habit of raining.
It was awful never being able to get dry, there was nowhere indoors, But we loved it.
I know, my hair is looking pretty funky- it had been T-minus three days since showering.

Orange is my luvlie Katie's latest hair colour- it's been that way for almost two weeks, a record- she is already in talks of the next colour- there are whispers of purple.
Who noticed my vintage waistcoat? got it at one of the many vintage shops on site.
This documents the only dry day on sight.
T'was a muddy downpour the rest of the time.
This was our usual groundings.
Let us pretend these are my legs, because really I'm sure that's how they look anyway, and Trish doesn't need legs, not really.

And you thought I was exaggerating!
This time- I've not too many tall tales, I was fairly well behaved when you consider some of the usual filth that happens at festival, Indeed when Guns'n'roses got on stage Axel said "I can smell cannabis..." yuhu.

This is Deeny rocking her vintage knit.
Healthy no?

As we stepped outside our tent we were greeted with this alluring sight.
It would take us a good ten minutes to safely maneuver this patch- one night, late, nearing 1am, we headed back to find a girl lying in this- just after the rain had fallen, we- of course helped her into the arms of her friends.

Our tent was to be condemned, we abandoned it, late Sunday night- running away in the thick of the winds to catch the free shuttle boat to the drop off point, a last minute plan to beat the 50 or so thousand also  trying to head home Monday morning.

We sat on our bags on an unremarkable green, I remarked it was a full moon, and to keep ourselves entertained I pretended to turn into a werewolf, and chased Katie to the window of the sight keepers car, she put her hands to the windows and screamed help me whilst I made wolf cries, it disturbed the keeper of the car we feel- it was parked.
Then we challenged a drifting wheelie bin robber to play us a song on his guitar, he wasn't all that good.

T'was so cold at nights that I purchased this Aviator hat on sight, and did not detach it from my head- when I arrived home my mutti made me remove it- I kept it on even inside and she worried I had shaved my head, she's okay with the tattoo on my cheek though.
I jest.

I loved my little hippie festival, but Oli was not able to come- her leg is still a little buggered, Instead she flew to Spain with Jack's family, to their villa, it was all as last minute as can be, but I'm pleased her summer wasn't completely dull.
Until next time my sweethearts,
p.s- tis past midnight- happy birthday Eve!


criticalcrass said...

so when i was fed up with wales, i chose to spend a day or two visiting friends in london. my train went through reading when that festival was taking place. tents for miles and miles. was so bright and beautiful. i think, from your description, i shall be content with my memory of passing through the 2009 reading music festival. three days of no showering would suck ass; i wouldn't hang with that for any band.

Tamsin said...

Nice wellies!

And that mud is unbelievable!

Sammi said...

Perhaps we should mention to the American folks reading this that Reading is pronounced Redding?

Looks like you had a fab time, by the way did you camp at the bottom of a hill or something? My friends were there and they mentioned it was muddy but nothing compared to what you had!

madsta said...

Thats probably a good Idea- I will put it in!- we werent at the bottom of the hill but we were right by the toilets so there were more people walking on it and it got worse and worse!

Al said...

delurking to say, thank you for clarifying "Reading" because I, stupidly, imagined you surrounded by books...which is actually quite sad since I'm from Massachusetts, where we have a town named "Reading" pronounced "Redding." Oy :) Anyways, glad you had fun, glad you had wellies! This reminds me of my old girl scout camp days of flooded tents and mud, but we were never smart enough to have wellies ;)

Angela said...

Dear Madsta, You are darling! I came across your blog via cjane, and have really loved lurking here. But, alas, I had to de-lurk as I have ALWAYS wanted to attend one of the music festivals in England - Reading being at the top of the list. It looked like a blast (well, toilet situation aside).

Thanks so much for letting this 30(cough)something, mom of three, from Arizona live vicariously through your music festival post!

Heather Lee said...

well looks fun/miserable all wrapped up in one. The sky looks amazing! So are you going to go back?
Congratulations on passing! I don't quite understand the school system out there, but it sounds like you're off to a bright future!
I grew up loving Guns and Roses. My brother played guitar and always played their songs. Glad to hear they're not washed out.

Heather Lee said...

PS. I love the quote in your header. Elder Neal A. Maxwell knows what he's talking about.

madsta said...

Angela; you are too kind, don't feel the need to lurk, I like to know who's reading- especially if there as charming as you.
And I saw many granny rockers there so you are most definetly not too old!- in fact a few of my teachers were there!

Heather- it has been too long- lovely to hear from you!, in fact I just read your blog!
I think I will go back, either next summer or the one after, and I wondered if some people would find my school system confusing, but basically, its all good and I can stay on :)
Oh and P.s- I love the header quote too, a kind reader left it for me just after my sisters car crash and it brought me a lot of comfort :)xxx

Coates Family said...

looks like fun, I have to confess I thought you were going some kind of book convention too!

Driving three Prince Girls said...

Madsta, thanks for sharing your pictures. I live in Florida and my husband is English. (He is from a small town in the West Midlands called Stourport-on-Severn) My niece attends that music festival every year and has told me about it. I always had a hard time believing her when she described the conditions because she is such a girlie girl. After your pictures I will never doubt her again. Glad you had fun, it certainly looks like something to do when you are YOUNG. (smile) I enjoy your blog!!

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