Thursday, 30 September 2010

If she can put it on facebook, I can put it on ma blog.

Because she's hot.
Oli was up to the consultants today, things are looking okay, it was the first time I got to see the jazzy bionics she has going on inside, this picture was not the whole x-ray, the rod was drilled right through the middle of her bone and she has some more screws going on in her knee, they are sort of in two minds, but we are hoping this isn't going to be something that effects her long term.
She was with my mutti to pick us up from school (I am still most ill) and she was in one of her hyperactive strange only Oli moods, where she needed food, and when she got it she was fine again, you had to be there, but she thought it would be okay to limp away and leave me with the trolley, I keep threatening to break her other leg.
 I told her if she kept on hobbling, I was going to ram her with my trolley of cargo, muscle problems or no muscle whatjamacallits.
It can get wild at marks and spencers.
My illness is really going around (the whole sixth form) my teacher told me to go home, but alas Oli stole my house key, it sounded like more fun to sit in school than on my doorstep- I made sure my friends suffered patriotically with me, if I'm suffering, we all suffer, it's only fair really.
I had my first cheat today (one week in, where's my will power?!) so that was sort of shameful, but don't worry my lovelies, we are back on track tomorrow.
Just hope no one thought it necessary for me to gain back my three pounds to learn my lesson, that wouldn't be fun.
oh no.
However, on the bright side, I am seeing my luverly Katie tomorrow, we all know who she is, but just so you know how gorgeous she is,

Oh, wow, this is embarrassing.

See what I mean? hot.
Until next time my sweethearts, if I haven't drowned in the rain or blown away in the Gail,

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Valarie said...

There is weather and sickness going on in the states as well. Take care!

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