Friday, 10 September 2010

The luck of the irish (the unlucky)

I was late to school today- my third day back, due in at eight-forty, arriving at nine, flying into my first A-level art lesson-
I joked with my teacher, sort of excited, sort of wishing I hadn't taken it.
We did the logistical stuff- going over how to draw cylindrical objects, whilst I sat, eyes misted over, thinking that I want my hair to grow around another 6 inches- doing the work like any fine young multi tasking woman. I observed I was much more comfortable in my new sixth form "uniform".
So the new privilege as a sixth former- besides esuing the maroon uniform, is that you get to go up to the high street during break and lunch, we decided to hot foot it out for lunch, the second I squirted the ketchup I observed that invariably before the end I would get some on me, it was an escapee chip that did it, for once my long hair was styled, it missed my (once) crisp white shirt and headed for my hair and skirt, these are the sorts of things that happen to me a lot, always.
I did the only thing I could do in a situation with no napkins, and when your standing on a street corner trying to look all innocent- I licked both clean(ish).
I'm nothing if not proactive.
So if that wasn't bad enough It occurred to me to check the location of my next lesson, double English, my first in the A-level course.
 I have a lot of free lessons- "study periods" they like to call them, Well bad happening of the day number three occurred, the two "study periods" I had just been so bored in, were actually My English lesson- I cant make this stuff up, I'm really the kind of person this happens to all the time, thankfully it was put down to "getting used to a new timetable" so I had another two frees after lunch which I used to productively draw princesses in my jotter.

I am expecting a call from the national gallery any day now.
Real art.
Seriously, pray for me and my coordination and whotnot, I'd loose my head if it wasnt screwed on.
On the up the wardrobes were fitted today, they are much more modern than the rest of my room, but we wanted something quite streamlined you see.
I decided to show them, and my uniform- white shirt black skirt are the guidelines.

(the two mysterious brown drawers are temperary, they will all be shiny white)
I'm aware they seem to make me appear very short, In fact, I'm 5'8 and still going, to have something to go on, that sweet Oli of mine? near enough 6foot.
I'm trying to show off my awesome netted, ruffled skirt, cus I love it and it was £3.
You know what- I'm tired from all the pictures.
I have observed that of my 78 followers, only a handful have entered my giveaway, so we should fix that.
I hope my random rambling (like alway) was useful in some small way to those who have teenagers back at school, I do like to amuse.
Perhaps that's why I'm planning to iron my duvet cover whilst its on my bed.
Until next time my sweethearts, be entering that giveaway now,


The Style PA said...

I always used to sketch princess like ladies too. I probably still would if I had the time... and a pencil and paper lol.

Tamsin said...

The most important thing is that you looked fabulous throughout it all, dahling.

Oh, and I'm another princess sketcher too :)

The Littlest Lamb said...

I quite like your buddha painting :) I'd say I'm a princess sketcher attemper lol
My princess' hands never come out nicely!

The Littlest Lamb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Littlest Lamb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather Lee said...

so fun! I know you've been wanting those wardrobes so I'm glad you got them! I love the skirt. Not the dreaded uniform we always imagined during our election speaches while running for 6th grade class president, "No uniforms!"
I know what you mean about getting dwarfed by standing next to something/someone. That's how life works for me and my husband, he is 6'8'' and I'm 5'5'' but when I stand next to him I look more like 4 feet tall. 5'5'' is average around here. Not tall, but definitely not a dwarf.

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