Monday, 6 September 2010

Goings on round these parts.

So we're getting new wardrobes, swishy, the fitted kind, had I of known the anarchy they would cause, I would have preferred my tumbledown pine.
We had to pack everything up in anticipation of this, Eve's clothes squeezed into three- now four suitcases, a throwback to the eighties.
Mine however fit comfortably into one.
And I feel just a little smug- I've never been through all my clothes before, but I discovered the only items to my name are 6 tea dresses, four Maxi's and one skirt, two t-shirts, one blouse.
Plus three under tops, one cardigan and two leggings, smug indeed, although I am now perfectly attired to be a waitress (you offering?) as I have spent the past two days gathering all the pretty white shirts and high waisted circle skirts watford has too offer, for that is my new sixth form uniform.
My favourite was a black high waisted full skirt, reasonably long and delightfully ruffled the whole way, it cost me £3 in the sale, and comes up huge, so I got a smaller size *smile inwardly*
I headed back to my school to enroll after achieving my place at my school's sixth form* last Thursday.
I signed up for Religious studies-philosophy and ethics, though I'm still on the reserve list.
English Language- My teacher told me she would "kick my ass" to make me achieve and call my Mutti- she has her mobile in her phone, during lessons to get me my marks.
And...deep breath, Art.
The thing is, I love art, I've always loved art, and before I undertook it for GCSE I always thought I would continue my study of it right up to A-level, but it is so damn hard.
Without sounding conceited I know I can do it, I have the ability, but the work involved is astronomical.
Eight hours plus a week at home, and three 100 minute lessons a week, I am feeling torn, for example I start school wednesday and I was set 12-15 pages of different scetches, drawings, paintings ect...of an object, I chose my trusty buddah statue- its many folds make for wonderful shading.

Unfinished, yet a little charming, I am unsure of this sketch, dotted with watercolour.
I don't know my luvlies, what do you think?

It's starting to feel ever so slightly autumnal round these parts, to my glee, so I am wearing out My Maxi's before they must be shut away for the winter months.- I hear thunder!
I'm home alone, or I might as well be, Oli is sleeping still, at 2:30pm, she arrived back from Spain Saturday, after a dubious landing, she is as tanned as anything, with the whitest tan lines, she loves to compare colours, I look positively Irish next to her.
She brought us back string bracelets with eyes in them- to keep us safe.
So I'm babbling now, until next time my sweethearts,

*In the UK we can finish school at 16 after gaining our GCSE's or continue to a sixth form or college to gain A-levels or the equivalent, and gain a place at university at age 18.
Though now 18, My sister Oli will return to sixth form with me, as she could not sit her A-levels due to the happenings of May 7th- she plans to be a paramedic.


Izzy said...

Your drawing is amazing!

Sammi said...

I absolutely loved Philosophy and Ethics, we sat it with OCR and all the books we used were written by Vardy, who I told adore to this day, and still have my Puzzle Collection.

Good luck taking Art, I couldn't draw for toffee, but my friend did it and said it was sooo much work!

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I enjoy reading about your adventures (I am personally all about adventures). I think your drawing is wonderful and I say go for it!! School is always a lot of work, but isn't it usually worth it, if for nothing else but to someday look back and think how crazy you must have been to take it on. And English!! My goodness, your teacher better give you a good kick to make the grades! You're a brilliant writer. Anyway, take care and good luck!

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