Thursday, 9 September 2010

A Giveaway for my lovelies.- closed.

Hello there my lovelies.
I come to you today with my very first giveaway, from the delightful folks over at CSN stores, who got in touch and wanted to treat you all, but sadly there will be only one winner.
So let's get down to the juicy details shall we?
For those of you who have been hiding under a rock CSN stores is just fabulous! I have spent the past hour ogling cake moulds.
They sell all kinds of shiny house wear Jazz, such as Lights, bake wear and accessories.
The winner will get a £35 gift voucher ($55)to spend on any of of their sites.
If I won I would be needing this, because whilst I'm not a tea drinker, you never know when you will need an elephant teapot, and I wont take that risk.- oh or these,
Just saying.
To enter;
Leave me a comment saying how much you love me...I'm just kidding, As I returned to further education today, leave me a comment with your favourite/funniest/most embarrasing moment from your school years.
I will pick one at random (after delighting in reading them all) on Sunday 12th September, in fact it will close on Tuesday 14th september, around 5pm my time.
Good luck my sweethearts- tell all your friends to get down here to win them some CSN stores goodness!


Coates Family said...

there are so many but how about this one...I love to treasure hunt (dig around in thrift stores). I had found a fablous pair of boots to be the perfect accent to my new back to school attire. Well on the first day of school I so cooly propped my feet up on the table in the libary and my heel went flop on the table completely unattached from my shoe. Too bad Mr. Bad Boy Hotty had to be sitting right beside me. Yikes so much for making a cool first impression ;)

Lynne said...

I moved to a new state; new high school. I could not find my first class (there were 3 campus buildings to choose from)and asked for help. It was getting late and I started to run but slipped and down I went. Embarrassed, I jumped up and ran again only to trip on a stair as I went up. Down again. I made it to class on time though with no bruises other than the huge one on my ego! haha

Kate said...

Oh god, there are so many.
The one that still makes me cringe to think of it is from many many years ago, 1986 to be precise, when I was not quite 8. I was in the audience for the school nativity play (parents sat on proper chairs, non-starring pupils sat off to the sides dressed as shepherds). Basically I needed to, ahem, "break wind" & I knew it would be loud so I tried and tried to hold it in.
I failed.
Right in the middle of the Angel Gabriels speech. (who was a perfect perfect boy & I had a huge crush on him)
He stopped and stared over at the group where I was sitting, as did everyone else.
I am now not quite 32 and this still makes me want to fall through the floor.

valarie said...

We used to have these special greetings you could send to your BFF or love and the student council would deliver them to the classroom and everyone would ooh and ahh over who got what and frome whom. Sadly to say i was not one of those with the armfull of greetings. Luckely my BFF and I hateded the popularity gimick together and at least gave eachother one and sent evil daggers to the others together!

Heather Lee said...

I would have to say my favorite thing about school was, when I moved from California to Utah and met my (now) husband in 8th grade. I had such a huge crush on him, I even named my desk after him. Not sure why? Oh yeah I wrote SF on my desk and someone saw it. So I just said it was the desks name. Kind of embarassing, but it turned out great! I ran into the boy that knew my desk was named SF when I already had one child and was pregnant with the next, and he put two and two together. Good thing he didn't catch on in Jr. High or it could have been bad=)
Hope to win this! I love all the Victoria and Albert pieces. Keep sending those vibes my way=) I need them for sure.

suburban prep said...

It isn't funny or anything I just remember that the first day of 8th grade was my 13th birthday. I thought that birthdays up to then were a big celebration. 8th grade not so much. Oh well I more than make up for it now (the birthday is tomorrow).

Heather said...

In grade school I had a HUGE crush on a boy named Teddy. I often spent recess chasing him around the playground, trying to kiss him! He, of course, didn't want anything to do with me and was quite hard to catch. I got luck and caught him one day, he refused to kiss me so I promptly kicked him in the balls!
I haven't heard of CSN stores before but am excited to see that they ship to the US :-)

jodi said...

Either the time that I had a stomach ache in Jr. High. It didn't seem that bad but on the way to catch the bus home I vomited down the front of my winter coat.
Or the time that the school nurse made me ask for a sanitary pad in front of some boys in her office.
Or when I wore my sweater inside out to class one day.
Oh, you only asked for one :-).
Hope that your school year is a good one!

Burns Family said...

Hello cute girl...I found you through Heather's blog. So, my most embarrassing high school moment just happened to be at a school dance. At my school we had lots of fun crazy dances with fun crazy themes. This dance was called "Cheap Skates" where you have to try and spend as little as possible on the date. We started the date by going to the thrift store and buying some sweet 80's dresses for all the girls and then went to Wendy's for dinner and ordered off the $ menu. Once we got to the dance and took our pictures, I decided that I was not going to be able to dance in this terribly uncomfortable dress, so I got some basketball shorts and a T-shirt from my dates locker. At this time I was going through a phase where I only wore little boy undies (you know the ones with the super heroes). Well...I was having fun dancing and hanging out with friends when I saw one of my favorite guy friends walk into the dance. I ran towards him and preceded to belly slide under his legs to welcome him, As I did, he reached down and grabbed my shorts. To my dismay, I continue to slide and my pants did not. So there I was belly down sliding in nothing but a T-shirt and superman undies. Yup that's it...that is my most embarrassing high school story :) hope you enjoyed!!!

meeyeehere said...

here is an embarrassing school moment,one of many for me.I was not popular,very unpopular.I didn't even exist.So,we had a dance at school and everyone was coming,and it was the first 7th grade dance!!I wore my leggings,long sweater and my hair in a pony tail to the side(got pictures to prove it).Well, I was dancing which I was very good at,so I wanted to show off how awesome I was and I went into a split and of course my leggings split right down the middle but the worst part was that I was not wearing underwear,I did not like underwear and only wore it with dresses.Yeah,even after that still unpopular.

Wife Of A Salesman said...

I was a nerd and happily still am, My best memory is of eating lunch in the Chemistry Lab with a few kindred lab rats, did you know that Tooth paste sparks when you light it on fire, we pretty much burnt anything and everything under the vented hood. Those days seem forever ago...Enjoy Youth My Dear!!!

Tamsin said...

A friend and I once ran the entire length of my high school (via the cafeteria at lunch time) dressed in some rather elaborate ostrich costumes.

The costumes covered our faces (I told you they were elaborate!), so the whole school was buzzing with what had happened and who was behind it. Eventually word got out who we were, but for one afternoon I got to quietly giggle to myself as everyone around me speculated who had pulled off this crazy stunt.

Naomi Miles said...

The most embarrasing moment of school was in my first year of primary school. I was stood in front of my teacher's desk asking to go to the toilet and she didn't believe I needed to go... until I peed myself. The bright side to this was that I got to wear the school knickers for the afternoon and I loved them, they were pink and had a picture of a dog on them, so much better than my plain white ones!

My twin sister and I also tricked our teacher into thinking we were each other all day, until the end of the day when we forgot to go sit in each others' chair. Big trouble!

Anonymous said...

I am not a true "follower" as I don't have my own blog, however I do read your blog quite often, and I think you and your family are fabulous! (found you from cjane)

My most embarrassing moment from school is a tie breaker. In the 3rd grade, I couldn't see the board anymore. Like I needed glasses, but was too embarrassed to tell my parents. So I was always asking my friend to tell me what the board said. So one day the teacher catches me copying from her (when I was really just copying from what she wrote on the board) and I got in trouble. I wasn't cheating but thus my parents were called and I forever more became four-eyes. :-(

The second was in 4th grade I believe, this kid had this blue colored glue in his desk, and I squirted it into my pencil eraser cap and I meant to take the eraser with me (but I forgot). So when the kid came back to his desk, he was left with a gooey mess. I tried explaining that I just wanted to fill my eraser cap with goo and I meant to take it with me, but uh uh. I got in trouble. Boo.

Oh now that I have wrote those 2 stories a flood more of embarrassing ones came to my memory...I better stop. Now I love me some CSN! Pick me please!

Annie. said...

Oh boy. Elementary school. I had bladder problems as a kid. One day I had a little bit of an "accident" and since I always carried and extra pair of undies, I ran to the restroom during recess to make the change. I carefully concealed the dirty ones in my sweatshirt and stuffed it in my backpack at the bottom, then ran off to recess.

What to my horror, upon coming back from recess, the boys in my class - primarily the one I had a VERY large crush on - were laughing and poking at a pair of underwear in the hallway...and they were MINE! Of course they had fallen out of my sweatshirt, unbeknownst to me. I about died. Naturally I had to say "sick" and "ew" and "where did those come from?" like everyone else, to try and cover for myself! All the while hoping my beet red face wouldn't betray me.

Heather said...

I love your blog and have been reading for awhile now. It is great seeing life thru the eyes of someone young! I have lost of embarrassing moments but one that seems to haunt me happened in 7th grade. I was eating lunch in the cafeteria with a large group of friends. And of course at this table were several of the very hot 8th and 9th grade boys that all of us 7th grade girls were trying our best to impress. Well for lunch that day was hotdogs. So I am eating a long and trying to act super cool when all of the sudden I inhaled a large portion of hotdog. It was stuck in my throat and I couldn't get it out! I was starting to panic when someone gave me a smack on the back and out flew the hotdog across the table landing on the 8th grade guys lunch tray. Along with the hotdog I also had milk coming from my nose. I was mortified! From then on I was often referred to as Hotdog Girl! To make it worse last year when I went home for a visit I ran into the said 8th grader and as we were chatting he brought up the hotdog incident!

Angela said...

Hello darling girl! After checking out CSN and spying the gorgeous Albert and Victoria Museum double teired cakeplates, I decided it would be well worth reliving my humiliation for even a small chance of here goes.

I have always been a bit "vertically challenged", and in high school had a friend that was already well above 6 feet tall. He knew there was a boy in my next class that I had quite the crush on, and that I was anxious to get to class and get all seated and primped before "Crush Boy" came in. My tall friend thought that all this girly silliness needed to be he promptly picked me up by the back of my ever-fashionable, early 90's overalls and HUNG me by the back of my overalls onto the top locker handle.

So,as I so gracefully dangled there - kicking and squirming trying to free myself - everyone rushed by laughing and mocking on their way to class. The final bell rang as I was still swinging feet above the ground (and acquiring a substantial 'wedgie' in the process), finally the teacher caught wind of my situation, and sent two students out into the hall to help lower me down. And yes! One of the lucky students was 'Crush Boy'.....who was laughing so hard by the time I was finally freed, I am not sure if I have ever looked him straight in the eye again!

kimmers said...

Probably my most embarassing moment in school was when the teacher wouldn't let me take a bathroom break (seriously, who decided it was a good idea to make kids sit there even when they are bursting to use the restroom??) and so I found myself peeing my pants before I could even stop it. It was so terrible because it was my last class of the day and I had to wait with everyone I knew outside the school to get on the bus to go home. (it was many years ago ... no matter the age ... haha, even my husband doesn't know that ... I can only divulge so much) I hope your everything goes better from here on out!

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